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Author: flower
Date: Nov 4, 2002
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I meet etnoscope the first time two summers agoe in the deep woods of sweden. Where they played at a magnificent forest party.

There live act stroke me, as i had only heard a track og two from them at that time, it was awesome to see them have live drums, live didj and a magnificent enegy.

This summer i had the oppotunity ones more, and there live act was even better. So i think its time for you all to take out your drums and play with them at there bongo sessions :o)


Martin Collin : Collin
Ludvig Engelbert : Ludde
Rasmus Alanne : Raz

* They all come from Kristianstad in Sweden *

Das fug/Referiize EP - Digital Structures
Flosiploskan - Digital structures "Footprints"
Vattens*rja/introphaze EP - CREAMCROP
Vattens*rja - Creamcrop "A Deeper View"
Stealthmode - IBOGA "Ectoplasma"
Tribal interference/Pigs go to hell EP - Digital Structures
Tribal interference - Digital Structures "Digital DJ, Marcus of Son kite"
Spaceless/No Answer EP - Flow Records
Eargear: Like music (Etnoscope Rollertwist mix) - Hadshot Haheizar

An1xit - Spectral Concepts
Spaceless (Deepflowmix) - Flow Records
Papyrus 3D (NoTribe Mix) - CreamCrop
CloudSurfing - Element Records
DrumSession - Digital Structures
8-9 Additional Tracks on our debut album "Drums From The Dawn Of Time" - Digital Structures

1: How did you meet, and how did you start making music?

Ludde and Raz Meet during a chillout project called "Spooky minds"
which played at "Toxomniac@vintergatan" in malmoe, and "Toxomniac/ClubUnderGround@Magazinet"
about 96/97, and they meet collin @ magazinet when they played in the chillout.
Collin and rasmus where active for a number of years with Club Underground,
and ludde moved to the country side, and then went mental in africa with african tribes.
Back in sweden Collin&Raz started constructing the studio (took alot of years).
AND When ludde finally showed up in kristianstad again he was invited into the Etnoscope project,
and it all kinda just took off from there (live drums rule)...

2: How do you work in the studio? Three people is a lot of different opinions and a lot of hands.

We use alternate ways of insperation at diffrent times, and most of the sequence stuff is raz,
most soundstuff is collin, most drums and rytmic stuff is ludde.
Insperation can come from a whole bunch of stuff,
Raz: Woods, Nature, Chemicals (beers & Redbull), Animals, And wierd Noises.
Collin: Gets his insperation from a depperview inside himself through meditation spirtual
channeling. Also from the nature of mother EARTH.....
Ludde:Skydiving, herbs and mindtravelling.

3: I have seen you play on live instruments when you play live, What is your musical background?

Raz began experimenting with synths as early 84¨and then he went on to trackers in 91¨.
The main choice has always been electronic music, but he has also experimented with,
reggae, hip hop, jazz, acid jazz, and rock. He generally plays synth/keyboard,
but can also play some drums/percussion, flutes and didj.

Ludde began with playing piano and drums in the late eighties,
and continued playing drums in difrent bands with difrent styles, pop, rock, metal, reggae,
and ofcourse the electronic stuff. But he has also composed some tracker music,
along with ambient in cubase. He generally plays all kinds of rythmic stuff,
but can also play some synth/keyboard, didj and guitar.

Collin started his musical journey when he bought his first computer. At that time he discoverd the
world of "Trackers". Like Raz he is very fond in all kind of electronic music for example trance,
Drum & bass, Detroit Techno, movie scores and chillout/ambient.
He generally plays Digeridou and tweaks the synths

4: You have a really energetic live performance, which differences you from a lot of other acts
today, what is your idea behind this?

The whole idea behind the live act is the Energy projection that is created from the three of us.
We try to take the idea of ancient tribal gathering to a new spirtual level on the dance floor.
Having the thought of love in our minds when we play. We try to make changes, in the way people
look at themselves. Although we must say that people are free to do what they think is right.

5: What are you plans in the future? Do we see an album in the stores soon?

To play in diffrent places in the world discover new energies, new thoughts and of course
the most important thing of all new insperation to our new music.
We are also right now finishing up some tracks that have been signed for diffrent labels,
and working our collective asses of to finish our debut album (Drums From The Dawn Of Time).
The album will be released on digital structures in the late spring of 2003.

6: Tell about your best and your worst experience with etnoscope.

The best experience is hard to say, could say that it has been all of them.
Since we seem to have a smile on our faces every single time when get off stage,
or do something that we all think grooves in the right way down in the studio.
The worst experiences? Could possible be every time we have to pack all our gear,
and move in to the studio after a full lenght party (ITS A LOT OF STUFF!!!!!).

To see pictures from the party this summer go ->

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