NYE in Brasil

Yes Please!

Author: Carbon 23
Date: Nov 4, 2002
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So here we are approaching NYE - in Brazil, the most expected holiday together with carnaval.

As it is summer time peak from December to January, there are many many options for a killer and unforgettable time - and YES, there are trance parties available!

Below I set out some of the options which can be taken into account whenever planning your trip - of course, stay tuned at Chaishop Party Database as new events all over the country, in other locations, will now begin to pop-up there every week!


Let's start with the party that is expected to be one of the top-events for this year, which will be held in Alto Paraiso, Goias (around 3hs driving from Brasilia)

www.universoparalello.art.br/ (english version available - check out!)

The local crew Universo Paralello promises one of the best soundsystems ever available in Brazil, a complete Electro Voice system straight from UK - nice and clear trance music, killer line up at the main floor plus an alternative floor for new talents (growing as mushrooms after rain....ooops!) and all other facilities you expect from a great 4 day festival.

If you are keen on spending sometime in one of the magic places in Brazil (where one could even find crystalls coming out of the ground), with plenty of wild nature (no beach though) this is the place to be!

Check out the website for further infos!

Tip: a nice raincoat would be very much appreciated for a most confortable stay!


Always a part of Brazilian Trance history, Trancoso (once reputed as the "new Goa" as it was the first step of trance culture in Brazil) can be a great option of those who might want to have a trance party at the beach, underneath palm trees and experience the new-year sunrise from the sea!

Of course it has been a while since Trancoso was a 100% freak-station, but no doubt a trance head can still find like-minded people around and of course some sort of ultra-violet stomping beats coming out of the woods somewhere along the coastline.

As most of the local inhabitants are used to foreigners presence, differently from other places in Brazil (Sao Paulo included!) non-portuguese speakers can hang around very easily...

Tip: DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Follow the word-of mouth to get to the real parties!


It is always advisable to take some more time to stay for a little longer....Even if you decide to get to Alto Paraiso in NYE, you can surely go to Trancoso for the after-parties that last all January long, or viceversa!

And, of course, to stay for Chaishop Brasil annual party in some beautiful countryside in Sao Paulo surrounding area, right in the end of January to close summer holidays in style!

Have fun in the Sun!



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