Author: Haldolium
Date: Aug 1, 2002
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i n t e r v i e w



who are you, where do you live, (real name, age)?

mark lorenzen, mario reinsch, living in hamburg

what are you doing when you´re not playing music, (jobs, other things)?

mario finnished studys this year(physics), mark is still studying architecture

how did you come to music, did you play other instruments/music before you came to psytrance (roots)?

mario played in several band (guitar, voice), mark was a dj (acid, techno)

what is your style, how and when did you come to trancemusic, to producing, to your first gigs?

started having party together in 1994 and wanted to produces that kind of music, too. first productions 1995. first gig 1996

what is going on in your local scene?

a fuckin lot. everything is fusioning... house, techhouse, prog. house, techno, trance, deep-trance. lots of club-things in winter and an amazing 4-month open-air season around hamburg, with every weekend a party from friday to monday.....

what does trancemusic mean for you, how importand is trance for you, what do you use it for?

trance music is one kind of music. nothing more and nothing less. music is the most intense, most inrerresting entertainmant and art. music is an important part of our lifes.

what do you think about our scene and where do you think are we going to (development, future trend)?

i hope it will be more open-minded all over the world...

what are your releases/events until now, (discographie)?

first album "deagua", second album "h2", "one of these days"-picture-12", "second movement"-12" released may 2002, 3rd album "be real" in september 2002.

what was the best, funniest or strangest experience in your carreer?

most amazing party-place: ypi-poti brasil 2002. craziest event: zoom 2001, switzerland, 20000 people!!!


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