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Author: Amrisha
Date: Mar 1, 2001
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  The main theme of Amrishas work are Mandalas painted in acryl on canvas. Apart from participating on exhibitions she is decorating trance events since '89.Through the years she was booked for some of the main events and festivals like the VooV-Experience, where she is doing every year some part of the decoration,Solipse '99,Big Warp, Inner Circle, Spirit Zone Parties and countless other locations and parties...

Voov Experience   Tachyon

The aim is to provide the viewer a space, where one can relax, find oe's
own center and from there, from the very center of any mandala, one can
go back into the world with a different, new view.These mandalas can
energize, support and realize the journey towards one's inner self.Last
but not least they are simply nice paintings, too...




fax/fon: +49-40-60441369
mobile: +49-172-9185694



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