U.S. Residents: Stop the RAVE act!

pending legistlation to kill Dance Music Culture

Author: aaron
Date: Jul 24, 2002
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STOP the RAVE act!

before it tries to stop US from dancing...

Attention US residents:
Text: aaron

There is a concerted effort to shut down dance music events in the United States. Ironically titled the "RAVE act:" and standing for "Reduce Americans Vulnerability to Ecstasy"... the RAVE act seeks to provide new penalties for property owners, organizers of events, and others for potential illegal drug use at ONLY electronic dance music events. While illegal drug use may be prevalent throughout American society, while the War On Drugs may be an abject failure, and while the Government is unable to keep drugs out of its own prisons, this law seeks to single out and destroy Electronic Dance Music Events.
Let's Destroy this crappy piece of legislation instead. HURRY! your senators are voting on it soon...

Fax your senators at:


Let our leaders know we won't take this sort of garbage...



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