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Date: Jul 2, 2002
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Link of Month -July- 21, 22, 23 & 24 full moon of August - Portugal

"Tapping into the Gaian mind is what we're calling the psychedelic experience. It's an experience of the living fact of the entelechy of the planet and with that experience the compass of the self can be reset.We are somehow part of the planetary destiny, atoms of the world soul, and how well we do determines how well the experiment of life on earth does because we have become the cutting edge of this experiment.We define it and we hold in our hands the power to either make it or break it."

These words were spoken by the late great visionary Terence Mckenna to an awed and ecstatic crowd at a multimedia event called 'Alien Dreamtime' in San Francisco almost a decade ago.

In the tradition of weaving together electronic music, global dance community, psychonautic experience, emergent spirituality, and tribalism with integrative intelligence and, in light of our current planetary condition, we are pleased to introduce the 'Dynamic Mythologies Tent' to the conference area of this year's Boom Festival.

This area will function as a temporary autonomous zone for developing metamorphic trajectories of expansive consciousness and transformative culture.

It will host presentations, workshops, and discussions over the course of the festival. Exploration of such themes as neomythologies, Earth mystery, the archaic revival, and future coordinates of planetary evolution will bring together an eclectic and engaging group of cutting edge speakers and workshop facilitators.

A wide spectrum of diverse yet interrelated topics will include:consciousness and the nature of reality; resetting the compass of where we've come from and where we are going; re-sacralization of space and time; textures of hyperspace and visionary art; stewardship, shamanism and the Gaian mind; chaos and ecology; culture building; integration of the psychedelic landscape into everyday life. This area aims to synthesize a broad range of subjects so that together we can investigate and discuss the implications of the psychedelic experience and other related perspectives as they illuminate and alter the fluid fabric of consciousness at the individual and collective levels.

Boom Festival 2002

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