Author: sonhoe
Date: Jun 4, 2002
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Link of the Month - June - Come And Satisfy Your Soul

Twins:Although we come from the french West Indies, we grew up in Paris, whre we actually started going out to techno parties in 1995.

In 1996 we discovered Psychedelic trance music in England, and since our first party in London , we got extremlykin on that particular world.From central America to South East Asia we have been to several unforgetable parties. We soon realized that we really wanted to be part of it. Today we are not just members of the audience anymore. during those events and via our visual show, we want to make you dream and travel to a parallel univers.

We are much into computering and we use our knowlegdes in that particular field , in order to create an interactivevisual show based on 3D design with psychedelic effects. Today, our target is to make you travel far away when your body¥s in trance , and in rythm with the best sounds.

However, this visual show is not only activity that we have.We have spread our services: we are also web designers, especially because we reallywant to diffuse some of this magicalworld on the net.

Psytwin 3D Psychedelic projection Visual "Full on". Graphic and Psychedelic Web Design.

Psytwin - Come and Satisfy Your Soul

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