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Date: May 17, 2002
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To find out where the parties are happening in the Netherlands take a look


The Psychedelic Conspiracy is an cooperation of a number of organisations in Amsterdam who joined forces to get better parties to the people. This summer it started with parties in the Donkey Kong and some outdoor (after)parties near Ruigoord and in the Flevopark in Amsterdam. The Conspiracy consists of these organisations:


Empathy was one of the first psychedelic party organisations in Amsterdam, since summer 2000 they have decided to do different projekts wich resulted in an expansion of the Empathy-crew with some new members. The founders are Nilis, Bart and Tintal and the new crew also consists of Paul from LucidSpaceDance and Niels and Shitaki from Surya. After more than 5 years of organizing they still love doing parties with new spirit. Empathy is mostly known for their parties in the Melkweg with international artists, the outdoor-parties and ofcourse collaborations with the Conspiracy.
Check their website at:


Surya is an organisation from Amsterdam that gives psychedelic trance party's. We give party's on different kind of locations in Amsterdam indoors aswell as outdoors. Our aim is to bring the best psy-trance has to offer to a friendly crowd and keep a positive energy flow on the trancefloors.

9 lives of Hofmann

Always doing crazy parties on new locations. Started out with their rumerous 'firts life' party in the bagagehal as a serrie of 9 (two have past). Now very active in the conspiracy, always willing to give a helping hand for your party.


Started out in the church of Ruigoord with their first big event, immidiately became a succes. Founders Dj Zebra-n, Dj Satyr and Dj Tintal being a part of the Amsterdam trance scene for quite some time, wanted to bring big scale events to the Netherlands with international guests. Now they're active in the Ekko in utrecht were they made an arrangement with the owners for bringing a series of events. The first two were already a great succes so looking forward for more...

Bom Voyage

After having put the queensday under the bridge party this year they now put most of their time in their chaishop. Offering chai to the people on different parties in the Netherlands.


The Elf has become verry well known in Amsterdam the last few years. Giving wicked parties in the penthouse of their squated officebuilding. Always a full house, sometimes going on till 19:00 the next day. Their squat is located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, so they don't bother the neighbourhood with their parties. This making it the perfect location for this kind of parties. There's always good decoration and a perfect soundsystem (sometimes its even to load for the space).

Alien Enheritage

Alien enheritage started giving regular parties in club 114 (room for about 200 people) before it closed. They invited a lot of djs from the amsterdam scene to play at their parties.


Giving a lot of parties in a time no one else did. They even started the first dutch psytrance record labels (adodisc & 3rd mind) and a store dedicated to 'fluo' clothes (acidophilus). They're not active in the scene at this moment, but I think for what they did for the dutch scene in the beginning they deserve a place in this article.

Cosmic Circus

Cosmic Circus are based in Alkmaar, and they have been putting up psychedelic gatherings for some time now, especially open-airs during the summer months. Their "territory" has not only been the "re-creational" sites around Alkmaar, but they have also expanded to notorious areas near Amsterdam, namely Ruigoord. Unfortunately, the Amsterdam authorities haven't been tolerant enough the last summer, and quite a few parties, from different crews, had to end prematurely. The Disco Pixies party on 24/July was one these, although it had stopped by 3:30am, it will be remembered, at least, as presenting one of the most funny fliers seen in the Netherlands lately. Check it out yourselves (if you had followed the directions on the back, probably you didn't even arrive :)
Taken from the Absurd website

ShaktiDance Productions

Shakti dance productions is an orginisation from Den Haag by the couple Dom&Ben (the Shakti Twins). They started out giving parties in the paard in Den haag under the name 'temple of light' where they gave new djs or live sets the change to play their music. These parties where a great succes in Den haag.

Same, same but different!
Same, same but different is a psy trance party organization that has put up a number of parties in The Hague, usually in squats or illigally in the outdoors, with, amongst others, Same, same but different DJ Jiggi spinning. At times they have worked together with Shakti Dance productions, Go Psykik & Cloak productions.
Check their website:

Boom Records!

BooM! Records was set up early in 1996 in Holland by DJ Matt and Dutch partner Remko. As a DAT dj playing regularly all over Europe it seemed a logical step for us to start a label to give some exposure to some of the many talented new producers we had been in contact with over the last year. We receive demos daily from new producers who,despite the high quality of their music, were previously unknown in the "Goa " music scene in Europe. Thanks to our flexible policies, many of these artists have since signed tracks over to other major UK labels, so this is a first taste of the future sound of psychedelic trance music ! The tracks we have chosen have all been thoroughly dancefloor tested during our regular label parties in Holland and DAT sets on other parties. We also have some better known artists recording for us - including tracks by Cosmoon (one of Hollands best known trance producers), Ree K (a top female Japanese producer who works with Tokyo Tekno Tribe) and Ubar Tmar (also from Japan and making full on psychedelic tracks)
Taken from the boomrecords website.

Last Minute Goa

I've received an e-mail by this guy from friesland telling me about his cool initiative. here is translation of this e- mail:
Our operating area is in and just outside friesland. Last Minute Goa (LMG) resulted of from birthdayparty of a couple of Goa-freaks. We enjoyed it so much that we were doing a party in a local disco not long after. We worked the place with so much deco that even the regulars didn't knew what hit them. Besides this, we've also been in contact with some regional music foundations to bring goatrance under the attention. We've been in the 'freeze' one time( the magizine of Stichting Friesland Pop that give attention to new fresh fries music activities). I've been a dj for radio friesland for a year and also played a lot of goa there. Now we are busy with a party in an old 'veen'monistery and we expect a full house seen that our last party (where Jon phantasm and Mark van der Vlught also played) was a great succes.

Go Psykik

Go Psykik is an organization with fresh idea's and innovating concepts in order to improve the Dutch underground house-culture. Go Psykik exists out of two persons (Maarten Bax & Arnold Fabrie) and some friends who support and help them... It was founded in 1999 in order to organise only one full-nature Goa-party in the forest near their homebase Gouda. (you can see pictures of this event in the 'past events'-section) today, almost one year later, Go Psykik has become a serious organisation, with lots of projects such as Big events as well as small (nature)party's, Vj'ing, Booking-agency and party-decoration Nevertheless we still believe in innovation. all our upcoming events will be different from others. We'll do some freaky nature events again this summer and ofcourse the after-FFWD-Innovate...
Taken from the Go Psykik website.

Children of the Fluor Forest

The first to give psytrance parties in Rotterdam. with the big 'fluo finale' in their giant show room squat as their biggest one yet. They also put the chai-shop @ the psychedelic consperacy parties a lot of times. Just came back from their journey in Portugal and full of new energy.

Children of Ganesh

We're a group of freaks that, after spending the last 4 years partying on the festivals in Germany, decided to spice up the place in the north of the Netherlands(Emmen-drenthe). Because there wasn't a lot to do here for the (small) goascene. We have a youth accomedation as our homebase. We own this building, witch gives us complete freedom in organising our events. Our first three parties were a great succes and we hope we can say this for our upcomming events aswell.
We consist of about 10 people with our resident dj's Dick and Steven and a live act called Mandylion.

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