Chaishop tour 2002 started

Chaishop first tour event at Traxx in Hamburg

Author: Sonic
Date: May 14, 2002
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May 13, 2002 - Text: Frank Sonic- Photos: Sam & Sonic

At May10th, 2002 the Chaishop anniversary tour 2002 started.
This Chaishop tour is the five years jubilee of
This year we started the tour in our hometown in Hamburg at the "Traxx"
We had a lot of fun and very good vibrations on our first tourdate and we are looking forward to meet you all on our upcoming events

the only Mushrooms at Chaishop tour


We arrived at friday afternoon to prepare the decoration of the location. We had the fabulous deco artist Dirk Weirich of Aglarana with us and during a time of five hours we created a trippy colorful theatre. Combined with the Laser and Video show of the Traxx it was like passing one of Alices doors when you entered the location.
The second floor was the Roxx, a club in the direct neighborhood, which you can enter through a door in the Traxx.


Aglarana`s trippy visions


DJ Sonic started the night with slow beats turning over to some Technotrance tracks

start into the night

just when we finished the decoration I had the time for a bite of pizza and then I started the night with some slow beats of Sonnenvakuum ( one of my favorites ), turning over to some instrumentals of Star Sounds Orchestra and Klangstrahler and after that some technotrance tracks. It was all a little nervous but after all that work I think it was ok.
I like the time at partys when it all began, the first people are entering the dancefloor and after some minutes everything starts to moove


Sam started the psychedelic part of the night

At 1:00 entered the stage. It was a very special tour for him, he just returned from a party in Bolivia at 10:00 in the night and so he was full of inspiration from a 15 hours gig and some very special days in a city in 4300meter height.
Sam played one of his fabulous Psychedelic sets and the crowd kept on mooving their feets, in this moment I realised that everything was going at its best.
After Sam has finished Haldolium started to play. Normaly Element should play on this tourdate but Marc was ill and so they were not able to be there
A few hours before the party should start, we called our friends of Haldolium and they agreed to play. I don´t know what I should say about their gig, the Pink Floyd song from the Meddle LP gave me the creeps and everything was perfect.
I think that everybody enjoyed the Party, where ever I have been I saw smiling faces and luckie people. It was the last indoor event of this year ( I hope ) and we are all looking forward to the open air season

For sure the night was not finished.
Alpha started to play a four hour set and I think it was great, because I did not realise that four hours were gone when Pushava entered the turn tables. Outside the club the sun was shining and it started to be a perfect day. Most of the people left the party to go to the Hafengeburtstag, one of the biggest partys in Hamburg, the whole harbor is partying then, with lots of stages, techno and trance events and hundreds of fast food stands.
Everybody of us was tired and happy and so we mooved to the chaishop office to have a tea and some time to chill out.
We hope to see you all during the summer on one of the wonderful open air events somewhere in the world.
stay wild and take care
your Chaishop crew





red light district

red eye express

have you seen that alien landing

blacklight sun

and Laser fire

Chaishop Tour Banner 2001

single Pushava

double Pushava, this may happpen when you go to trance parties !!

tired but happy, Dirk of Aglarana

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