Soular Records

New Yorks First Psychedelic Trance CD

Author: alex
Date: Apr 24, 2002
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April 24th 2002

Soular Records


"Soular records emerges onto the psychedelic trance scene with a debut
compilation featuring cutting-edge beats and mind-bending synthesizers,
delivered to you direct from some of New York City's top-secret sound labs.
Supercharged sonic wizards mix up a batch of tripped-out tracks, running the
range from full-on dancefloor killers to chilled out minimalistic stompers.
Like the city from which these tracks were born, this powerful packet of
digital vibrations offers up a multidimensional world that even the most
ardent follower of spiritual psychedelic trance dance will appreciate."

Track Listing
1. Deeper in Zen - The Calling
2. Mind Warped - Dark Matter
3. Deeper in Zen vs. Mind Warped - Liquid Dimensions
4. Deeper in Zen - Ponder on This
5. Creamsicle - First Flight
6. Onnomon - Tower of Babel
7. Mind Warped - Psychic Underground
8. IndiaDrop - 2Face
9. D-Space - Hoedown Number Nine
10. IndiaDrop vs. Deeper in Zen - Subtle Energy




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