Loopus in Fabula


Author: loopus in fabula
Date: Apr 14, 2002
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p r o f i l e



matteo aka dj loopus used to play electrojazz together with jacopo
(sax,synth) years before the trance scene. Then in 1995 he was flashed
by first psychedelic parties in italy and with a bunch of friends from
the underground squat scene in italy started to promote parties here and
there... then began djing...
until 1998 the parties were bigger and bigger, too much stress...! so
he decided to stop promoting and to dedicate competely to the music
forming his own band together with jacopo: loopus in fabula. maybe
because of their jazz past they choose to add in every track a small
flavour of funky groovyness still being concentrated into the
dancefloor. In these years loopus released many trax in compilations
with various labels now finally the first album is out with demon tea
you can check the complete discography and preview the music in the web

dj loopus nowadays plays mostly his music together with the best tunes
that satisfy his funky wilderness...

after the album, very soon, expect some few more loopus trax popping up
in various compilations...


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