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Author: Sam
Date: Mar 29, 2002
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Chaishop Label of the month April 2002 - profile, interview, releases

Mar 29, 2002 - Text: Sam, Creamcrop Records

Since 1999 Creamcrop Records creates a steady output of high quality psychedelic and minimal techno-trance. It is one of the first labels working on the metamorphosis of trance and techno thus breaking borders and making trance and techno scenes come together. Check it out...

Short Profile

Creamcrop was founded in the early summer of 1999 in Aarhus Denmark by J.D. Jensen - founding member of Orichalcum, The Deviant and Alienated - together with Jens Bundgaard - long time DJ and party promoter, founder of Alien Constructors party organisers.
The label was set up in order to push the limits of existing psychedelic trance into wider and wilder dimensions by releasing high quality, no compromise trippy techno - with an edge!



Check the exclusive Chaishop interview and listen to Jens of Creamcrop Records talking about Trance in Denmark, the development of trance music and his label. Interview by Sam.

Complete Interview 18 min.



CCEP01: Orichalcum: Egg cracked + Elevation (January 2000)
CCEP02: Magus/Igneous sauria: Crystal bell + Igneous activity (April 2000)
CCEP03: Tripiatrik: Help us + Ess muss sein (May 2000)
CCEP04: Process: Brain melt + Oktober revolution + Terrorist (July 2000)
CCEP05: Paps: The real life + Proll the fat troll (February 2001)
CCEP06: Yumade & Magus: Digital silence Yumade rmx + Digital psy lence + Champagne with feta (February 2001)
CCEP07: V/A: Folded view EP sampler (April 2001)
CCEP08: Process: X1, Tristan rmx + Terrorist, Paps rmx + Caner + Prismatic (August 2001)
CCEP09: Yumade: Dopler doper + Timecode + Onion sex (September 2001)
CCEP X: Igneous sauria: Enigma (November 2001)
CCEP11: Navajo: Let’s Fungaz / Dropped and Psyched Out (February 2002)
CCEP12: Paste: Marmohr / Pastete (March 2002)


CCCD01: Orichalcum: Live (October 99)
CCCD02/LP01: V/A: Liquid levels (April 2000)
CCCD03: Process: One drop or two (July 2000)
CCCD04: V/A: Folded view (March 2001)
CCCD05/LP05: V/A: The next levels (November 2001)
CCCD06: V/A: Alienated: FF (December 2001)

Upcoming EP’s

CCEP13: Etnoscope: Introphaze/Vattensorja (May 2002)
CCEP14: Triplex: Kaviria/Golden wine + Igneous sauria rmx (May 2002)
CCEP15: Paps: Pretty down music (May 2002)

Upcoming CD’s/LP’s

CCCD07/LP07: V/A: A Deeper view (April/May 2002)
CCCD08/LP08: Igneous sauria: Substantiality (late summer 2002)



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Creamcrop records
Sjaellandsgade 51B 1.
8000 Aarhus C

Tel: +4586138950
Fax: +4586138965





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