Pure: a party for the family

Sounds of Earth s private party

Author: Klaudia
Date: Mar 24, 2002
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Pure: a party for the family

Aug 14, 2001 - Text: Klaudia Photos: Gustavo Cisneros, Sangeet

PURE: a party for the family

After a long time of massive parties where the energy got lost between the organization, the music and the non pleasant people, Sounds of Earth productions came back with a perfect party. It was a private, underground event at the outside of Mexico city that announced in the line up the elite of the Psychedelic trance djs in Mexico together with dj Sangeet and dj Madelaine from Germany. Actually, to have the address of the party, they gave personal invitations and by e-mail. Finally, we arrived to the event.

The night started with a nice warm up set from Guy Robert (ZMA records) a mexican dj with a very long time into our scene. After him Mog (Metta) played and kept the dancefloor dancing. Arturo (Sound Sorcery) played after and surprised the people with a very nice nocturnal set. The live act named Ecliptic made his well recognized performance.

All the sets from the djs and the musicians sounded like in a beatiful order, thats something that I liked a lot from this party..


Around 10 pm, the party began. The entrance was quick and imposing to the eyes. It was a big open air stairway that go down surrounded by forest where you could see at the end the main floor crowded by people and could hear the music. In the lowest part of the zone, was a white construction that seemed like a bubble with extensions all over that I think it was a house, but it looked weird and tripy anyway.

Dj Sangeet: groovyyyyyyyy stufff

Basically, the place was small, but just right to the 500 assistants. The bars functioned perfectly and they gave all night the water freely. At the morning, they gave fruit at the dance floor; you could actually see the people dancing and eating oranges or watermelon at the same time!! And for the first occasion in a long time, we didn't suffer of a winter extreme freezing weather!! After Ecliptic, Fraktal Seed (Flix & Mateo) surprised everybody with a very groovie and powerful set. Vazik (Spirit Zone) played after them and shaked the dancefloor with a very nice sunrising set that was perfect to introduce dj Sangeet (Spirit Zone). Sangeet was amazing, he played a very warm morning set with a lot of funky sounds, from house to techno to progressive. People was dancing, smiling, having a really good time. Sangeet began to play a ping-pong set with Dj Madelaine till the party ended around 2pm. The groove of the party was wonderful, since the beginning the people never stopped dancing. An amazing party for the family...

The people danced till the afternoon

Vazik making some groove in the dancefloor

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