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Author: Sam
Date: Feb 28, 2002
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Chaishop Label of the Month Mar 2002 - info, interview, releases

Feb 28, 2002 - Text: Sam, Magma Records

With Magma Records in Italy another label joins the new ring of psychedelic trance labels scattered through the new full-on-trance countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal, etc... While labels of the first hour like Spirit Zone, TIP and Flying Rhino are specialising away from Full-On the new labels fill the gap. Check latest moves from Italy!



Interview by Sam

Hi Nicola! Please give us a short introduction of your label, the team, your focus and philosophy.

Magma Records is one of few Italian labels that promotes psychedelic-trance-music and is born from the idea of a dj, that's me, that after a 5-years-experience in house music in Italian clubs and after 7 years of trance, decided to open a label to promote himself and other unknow artists (for the most part Italian). At the moment Magma has 12 Italian artists to promote, between them stand out Golikem, Mathematica, Pulsar, and Flashback ( me ); and collaborates whith various foreign artists more or less famous in our movement: Parasense, Insect Sun, Vaishias, Wrecked Machine, Suria, Cokeroach... The crew is composed of me and two graphic-assistants also for the web site ( ): they are Giuliana and Stefania, from Cinzia that occupy herself whith relashionships by net. and from my friends Bobo, betta Ciccio e Paolo ( Golikem ) that assist me... My label-ideology is esentially to promote good new music following and proposing the music-evolution, to create new sonority, new rhythms, new progressions! Magma-philosophy recognise evolution in the reserch of dance culture, trying to mix different styles, and keeping trance spirit and culture abowe everithing.

You're also doing parties. Is it possible to do successful and amazing trance events in Italy?

I organized a lot of parties here in Italy in the last years. The last event was also the first one for Magma Records: it was Eruption-party, on the 22nd Sept. 2001 on occasion of the realise af the homonym cd "Eruption", whith 1.500 partecipating. As concern the organization of events like Boom Festival or Voov Experience ecc., I'm trying to obtain the permission to make a festival this summer from 10 to 15 July, but things are going on slowly, so I don't know if I will be able this summer... in Italy is not so easy !!!

How do you see the future of trance in Italy?

In Italy the future of trance is certainly in increase, but to make this kind of music explode here, of course is neccessary that people can see a nice reality here in Italy as in trance events in foreign countries.

This year you also plan a party tour in Germany. Tell us more...

You are talking about Oracle Tour... well... this tour is organized by Sebastiano Rucci: he is an Italian artist and scenographer that lives in Berlin from 6 years, but Magma collaborates only on a artistic level, making present our artists in live performances ( Suria, Cokeroac, Vaishiyas ) and d.j. set ( Golikem, Wizard & Andre, Pulsar and Flashback ). The confirmed dates in programm are: from 1st to 3rd of March in Limburg, near Frankfourt and the other from 29 March to 1st Aprl in Berlin where will play Bim ( Medium Records ) and Paste ( Interzone Records )... Maybe there will be also other dates. I think that this tour will be a good promotion for my label in Germany and I hope that the partecipating will be happy !!

What's your favorite trance label?

At the moment my favourite label is certainly Plastic Park, for their continuous reserch of new sonority. Philipp is also a good manager whith a very good music-tastes.

Labels are mushrooming right now everywhere where trance is existing. Is it nessessary to have so much labels?

Well... it's not important the quantity of labels, but is important that the quality they propose is good. So if someone thinks to have something interesting to propose, I appreciate any interesting idea and proposal from everybody .

Some people claim psychedelic trance to be "Drug Music" - Your comment?

Trance music has to be considered only as a music that carriyes yourself and loads you again of good energy, than... if there are people that join drugs at the natural-amusement, this happen everywhere ( discos and clubs... everywhere !! )... But I think that who follow this music is for passion... anyway... then it's a choice of anyone of us to consume substances or not...

Tell us a bit about your artists, your artist relations and your upcoming releases.

I have very good relations whith my artist, I know very well every Italian artist, we are also friends out of job-relations. the foreign artist are all very professional and very nice people, and from a job-relation I find also good friends: especially whith Fred & Rui ( Suria ) Andrè and Nuno ( Cokeroach ), Agis ( Virus ) and Gabriel ( Wrecked Machines ).
Suria will be also the first album ( Magnitude ) of one artist, it will be available at the end of March. And in the future I will produce 4 vinils:
-Parasense - Amnezing tango 12"
-Insect Sun - Till 12"
-Flashback - Free Spirit 12"
-Cokeroach - Lebasiana 12"
-2 compilation s, 1 only Italian artists italiani + 1 various artists
-Wrecked Machines album....

Your plans for 2002?

As I already told: Tour in Germany and maybe a festival here in Italy in July. As concern the productions, maybe tthe 3rd Magma album will be my album and the 4th: Golikem's album, two more compilation of various artists and 6 more vinils. Here there will be also some traks of Pulsar, a very good artist that you can also listen in Oracol Tour in Berlin.

Anything you'd like to add?

I hope that in Italy the market of psy-trance will grow as in other many counties.

Thank you for this interview!!!


V.A. ERUPTION - september 2001

Upcoming Releases

SURIA "MAGNITUDE" - march 2002
Parasense "Amnezing Tango 12"
Insect Sun "Till 12"
Flashback "Free Spirit 12"
Cokeroach "Trashold 12"



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Magma Records
Mr. Nicolas Mazzanti
V. San Donato 167/2
40127 Bologna




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