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Author: Frank/Sonic
Date: Feb 19, 2002
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Hi Harry
can you give us a few words about who you are and how you came to music and especially Trance music

My name is Harry Heide,this is my real name and my DJ-name.I´m 30 years old and I live in Frankfort(Germany) in a small house together with a part of the local trance scene ( Psylofant Records,Dragon Master (Mash Records),Klangbilderzeuger (Plusquam Records).
At the moment I work for an agency for personal-leasing.Mostly for hotels and the Frankfurt fair.Also I´m reaching for opening a record-store and headshop.I will talk about it,when it happens.

I started beeing a big fan of the Beatles at the age of 8 years.Later I collected the first EBM-music like Front 242,Nitzer Ebb and the HIP HOP Electro Series.At the age of 18 I began DJing in an Underground-disco and played Industrial,Grunge and Independent music.Also I formed a Punk-Rock Band which released 2 Cd´s.I used to be the singer and guitarplayer.

No style is my style! Everything can happen during my set,especially in the morning.I like the new UK-Trance style and combine it with psychedelic grooves and other uplifting tracks.Just listen!!!

1996 I started to go to trance parties and collected some cds and records.But for 2 years I was just consumer of this nice events.1998 I started playing music at the after-hours of some huge parties and I began being more popular in our small,but fine region.
Since the closing of our lovely Signalwerk,the scene is searching for something new.But its difficult to organize parties like they were there.Some people join the parties in the Ruhrgebiet (Collogne,Bochum,Essen) and its getting more and more connected.We´ll see what happens.

what does trancemusic mean for you, how importand is trance for you, where
do you use it for?

Good trance music tells good stories.

what do you think about our scene and where do you think are we going to

I think the scene is going to split in two sectors:The full-on-psychedelics and the UK-Trance groovers.Both will organize their own parties.Then theres nothing too hard and nothing too soft.

what are your releases/events until now

1998 Resident DJ@hypnopuls (Bad Nauheim)
1998 Resident DJ@Black Inn (Ranstadt)
1998-2001 Resident DJ@Signalwerk (Mainz)
2000 Resident DJ@Groove City (Mainz)
1999 The LAB,Firenze (Florenz,Italy)
2000/01 Nalanda 3&4 open air (Vulkaneifel)
2000/01 Nada Brahma Klangwelten open air (near Mainz)
2000 Exzess (club),Frankfurt
2000/01 Logo Koblenz (club)
2001 Burg Herzberg Open Air Festival (near Kassel)
2001 NoName Belgrade,Serbia (tranceboat)
2001 Crossing Bridges Festival, Peje (Kosova)
2001 Playground Village Tour (Kosova)
2001 Inner Vision 5@ O25,Frankfurt
and many,many more afterhours and parties.

what are your futurities, upcoming events aso

Jan/Feb. Ruhrgebiet
Feb. Hamburg

what was the best, funniest or strangest experience since you are doing music

Psylvester @Signalwerk: a six day full-on psychedelic trance experience.I felt really shpongled.

Interview by Frank Frehse


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