Ypy Poty Brazil - Nice One!!

Paradise is Here!

Author: Chaishop Brasil
Date: Jan 28, 2002
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No way to forget!! party is still banging hard right now and freshest news are still to come!! So far amazing acts and DJs such as Kompset. Wrecked Machines, Haldolium(oh boy!!) Neuromotor, Swarup, Sam, Vazik (tonight Lotus Omega [IT] and Mukunga Umbura [BR] and a special session with Brazilian DJs - go for it fellas!) and all the people creating an unfrogettable history to everyone there. People from all over the world together united in peace, music and nature! Just be sure to hide all your personal belongings from the boys in blue - they were doing clumsy and random searches at the partys door and in some of the tents...BE SAFE! Thanks for all friends from all part of this and other worlds who made and are still making this event an unique experience (special congratulations for BOOM Team - show of efficiency!). For you who are travelling around Brazil in carnaval check out Tranceformation party in Goias (Close to Brasilia) - <www.tranceformation.com.br> with all major Brazilian DJs and others top international artists already confirmed!BOM!BOM!BOM! [there is more to come!]

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