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Author: Sam
Date: Jan 24, 2002
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Chaishop Label of the month Feb 2002 - interview, releases, info

Jan 23, 2002 - Text: Sam, Acidance Records

Psychedelic Trance is not dead. This is obvious if you view the development in currently exploding trance scenes like Mexico, Brasil, Portugal, Greece. And even in "old" trance bases like Germany psychedelic trance comes back to the parties - now that a lot of people are fed up with too much minimal and progressive music. Acidance Records in Greece is one of the new labels with a high output of high quality psychedelic trance of today. Let's check it out...

Acidance Records was established in Athens-Greece in 1999 by the two psy-trance lovers Chris and Sam. Specialized in Psychedelic Trance, focusing on full-on music from several artists such as Parasense, Neuromotor, Psyside, Aerodance, Xenomorph & Earthling. Acidance listens to and supports new artists and tries to bring always the best sounds from each artist to the people.

After the first release and debut album from Parasense "Apple" the release schedule grew up. A various Artists Compilation released under the "Drug Therapy " Title...

In a music world which is running fast and where different styles appear Acidance maintains the style that a tripping brain needs so it can start its own trip into the "New way of Thinking" and give the right commands for a full mind and body satisfaction. Acidance decided to let the chillum time to the others and is working to bring more and more Full-on Pumping unreleased tunes to the psychedelic trance audience. Music that a party cannot do without it - which is not other than the Full-on Psychedelic Trance.



Check the exclusive Chaishop interview and listen to Sam of Acidance Records talking about the past, present and future of Trance in Greece, the importance of psychedelic trance, his label and his artists. Interview by

Complete Interview 28 min.



Check some music of Acidance artists below!

Release Artist Track
Drug Therapy Logic Bomb Join Us
Drug Therapy Ninja Traxx Compromise Yourself
Drug Therapy Labyrinth Imprint
Drug Therapy Parasense Microwave
Drug Therapy Neuromotor Fuck the dat mafia trance x
Drug Therapy Xenomorph The silimaki murder tool kit
Drug Therapy Fungus Funk Space things are on the movek
Drug Therapy Earthling & Domi N. El fil d'el commandant
Drug Therapy Aerodance Pon Freak



Parasense - Apple
V.A Drug Therapy
Neuromotor - Neuro Damage
Psyside - First Contact

Coming next

Parasense second album
Earthling debut album
Neuromotor second album
Biodagradable debut album
2 compilation the first compiled by mark petrick aka xenomorph
and the 2 from marco(wirikuta)
Crazy lions cult debut album(neuromotor + hyper frequencies)



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Acidance Records
104 35 ATHENS




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