Waterjuice- Hydrophonics

Liquid groovescapes for your thirsty ears.

Author: aaron
Date: Jan 19, 2002
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September 2001

"If you compress water, what essence are you left with?" asks Raven Tupling. The answer is San Francisco-based duo WaterJuice who have opened a Pandora's Box with their debut album Hydrophonics. WaterJuice is on a mission to bring Highly Experimental audio nectar to electronic music. Fusing downtempo rock with the trance-endental school of thought, Hydrophonics will simultaneously groove and squeeze you. The album is as lush as its title suggests, fraught with deep atmospheric Vog blended with solid electronic beats, ethnic polyrhythms and a touch of Didjerigoo.
"The music has had an aquatic vibe since the beginning," remarks Cyril Kollock (aka DJ Surreal). "Our starting point was a sample of gurgling water on Inversion Layer and that initiated the flow of our music." Moody and humorous with a Glymph of mystery, Hydrophonics is funky throughout and demands the attention of those who like their beats on the trippy side. Tune in to Radio Free Vaporvent, and see what Captain Nemo was really up to!

"This is one of the best duos coming out of the Bay Area for downtempo beats. They've got it down and their new album is dope." -Masonic -program director- Thump Radio

Amongst burbling synth tones and exotic utterances, Waterjuice's strutting beats-n
-bass saucily swagger through "Inversion Layer".
-AmbiEntrance, Spyderbytes.com

"Dropping big beats on an undercurrent of trance, Waterjuice will keep all the water in you flowing."
- Epitonic.com

This is the first release from Vaporvent Records, San Francisco and is available through Eyephunk and Vaporvent.

EYEPHUNK - 475 Haight St. -
San Francisco, CA 94117
tel: (415) 522-1078
email: info@eyephunk.com
website: http://www.eyephunk.com

VAPORVENT - 475 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
tel: (415) 863-9149
email: info@vaporvent.com
website: http://www.vaporvent.com

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