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Author: Sequential-X
Date: Nov 14, 2001
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News in Brief November

Well-known experimental record label Exogenic have planned some nice things for the future. In the next two months names like Eraser vs. Yöjalka, So So, Koe and Accu will sound more familiar than they certainly do now.
Psy Harmonics Vol. 5
Psy-Harmonics the best label around regarding experimental psychedelia have released their fifth double compilation that is about to re-invent the word psychedelic. Big names like Ollie Olsen (involved in various projects), Rip Van Hippy, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Grey Area and others participate in this excellent psychedelic ride from ambient bleeps to supersonic beats.

Finland based Surreal Audio records follow up their very good but not commercially successful (which is a shame) “Open” compilation with a twelve tracker from Kiwa and a much-anticipated album from Possible Apple named “Botanical Zoo”. Funs of funny yet no ridiculous sound should invest without any regrets.
Shakatura Cover San Francisco based Ceiba Records have pipelined for release the debut album by home mate artist, Shakatura. The album moves into chill out psychedelia fields and looks quite promising. Furthermore Ceiba have pipelined some vinyl remixes and the follow up to last years Miditation compilation, named Miditation II. Do not forget to check the successful Language of Light series that are in their third chapter now with the San Francisco all star massive lined-up.
England based labels Dragonfly and Flying Rhino have scheduled some good things for this month. Dragonfly have released their Kamaflage II compilation, with headliners of psychedelic house music Electric Tease doing some serious damage with “Feel The Funk”. Flying Rhino on the other hand are productive as ever and they have a lot of material planned for the next two months. Blue Planet Corporation, Planet Ben and our own Wizzy Noise are about to release their music through the Rhino camp. On the album side, A Great Leap Forward are about to release their debut album of forward thinking trance.

Spirit Zone Logo Biggest German record label Spirit Zone have also some things planned for future release. Boris Blenn’s Electric Universe outfit, delivers another morning packer with two tracks. “Embrance” is typical Electric Universe sound in contrast to “Minor Fields” that follows a more tech-trance path. Also Etnica, Spirallienz and Spacefish are about to release their works on vinyl. All of this material is focused on the progressive side of psychedelic trance so be prepared for reverse timed basslines, bouncing effects and stripped down grooves. On the album side Shiva Chandra and Space Tribe have finished their new albums named “Gecko” and “Shapeshifter” respectively and soon will hit the stores.

Twisted Records are busy right now with the new Sphongle release but their pipeline is full of nice thingies. Super trio The Good, TheBad & TheUgly Aka Serge Sougue, Dj Dimitri and Frederic Holyszenski are about to release a fine 12” on Twisted, both tracks “La Caixa” and “Le Mariacchi” have a forward thinking attitude and are about to set fire in trancefloors any ware. Another interesting thing is the Digital Mystery Tour, which is a five-man collaboration and promises some good chill out listening to consumers like us. Finally the new Twisted compilation is on the making following the tradition of previous high quality standards.

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