Various Artists - Grey Area

Exposure Productions, February 2006

Author: pr0fane
Date: Apr 21, 2006
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Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Dance N Dust Records)

Artist: Various
Title: Grey Area - compiled by DETOX
Label: Exposure Productions
Format: CD (Jewelcase with standard 4-page inlay)
Released: February, 2006


Exposure Productions was launched in 2004 by DETOX from Greece - a guy quite well-known on for instance the Isratrance forum, where he has always been a member (and for a period also moderator) with a serious attitude towards the trance-scene and strong opinions. His label is dedicated to releasing music of high quality in the already flooded market of full on releases, and it seems to go rather well, as I personally found the labels second compilation, \"Digital Performers\" one of the best full on compilations released last year.

Just recently the labels 3rd compilation, \"Grey Area\" was released, and once again with a solid lineup of some of the scenes most well-known acts around.

01. Protoculture - Terra Tronics [143 BPM]
The opener is by Protoculture from South Africa, who just released his 2nd album \"Circadian\", and who I personally consider one of the very best full on producers in the last couple of years. \"Terra Tronics\" can also be found on his new album, but I personally don\'t consider it among his very best tunes - it\'s a real stomper for the dancefloor, but I think the melodies are too fast, too heavy on breaks, and the voice-samples seem over the top. Although it isn\'t as magical as some of his very best material, it is a very good full on tune though.

02. Electric Universe - Athina [145 BPM]
Boris Blenn aka Electric Universe and Jupiter 8000 is one of the remaining old legends on the psytrance scene, and \"Athina\" certainly has a bit of old-school psytrance flavour. I haven\'t really liked his last couple of releases, but this is high quality stuff - fast and driving, with a plethora of melodies that take you back to \"the good old days\" of goatrance. A true anthem for the festival dancefloors this summer.

03. Deedrah - Take It Or Leave It [145 BPM]
\"Take It Or Leave It\" is by another highly respected act, Deedrah from France - also known as Synthetic, Dado and part of GBU, Transwave and a handful of other acts. DJ\'s might like that the fact that there is no real intro, and this is definitely a full on DJ tool. Doesn\'t provide as many clever twists and turns as I\'ve come to expect from Deedrah, but overall it does a pretty good job.

04. Polaris versus Galaktik Wave - Mechanical Male [146 BPM]
The French act Polaris is up next with a collaboration with Galaktik Wave - an act that is quite unknown to me. \"Mechanical Male\" is a fairly good full on tune - the voice-samples are funny and clever, and overall this tune is certainly not bad, but does sound a bit too generic in my ears. Great dance floor stuff.

05. Wizzy Noise - Radio Silence [141 BPM]
The Greek act Wizzy Noise, who recently released a single and an album on Exposure Productions in cooperation with Harmonia Records, give the compilation a Greek touch. \"Radio Silence\" is in their usual style with huge, slightly tribal basslines, big trancy riffs and crystal-clear production. Another good tune from Wizzy Noise.

06. Dino Psaras - White Lights [145 BPM]
UK\'s Dino Psaras, known for his involvement in projects like Cydonia and Tortured Brain provide the compilation with a hint of night time gloominess. Some voice-samples from \"Sin City\" give the track a dark, disturbing touch, while the morning fans might like the uplifting synths, although they do sound like something you would expect from a hardtrance tune.

07. Prosper - Overstar [143 BPM]
Prosper from Yugoslavia is up next with the somewhat surprising tune \"Overstar\". At first it\'s groovy, with a very progressive touch and delightful positive melodies, but slowly increasing in intensity before the big breakdown when it goes into more typical full on morning madness. Very fine and delicate track, definitely not what I was expecting.

08. S Range featuring Tranan - Electric Forces [142 BPM]
Up next is a collaboration between the two Swedes S>Range and Tranan, one half of Logic Bomb. I personally don\'t like S>Ranges recent move towards full on, but this track was a very pleasant surprise that bring out memories of the sweet morning Logic Bomb sound like on the classics \"Datalinks\" and \"Computers & Microprocessors\". Soft, melodic morning-trance with a subtle, thoughtful edge to it - I\'m loving it.

09. Prometheus - Colour Storm [136 BPM]
The slowest track on the compilation is by one of the Twisteds unusual suspects, Prometheus, also known for his involvement in projects like Younger Brother and Cyberbabas. \"Colour Storm\" is somewhat a disappointment in comparison with his last couple of releases - I feel it simply lacks energy, psychedelia and atmosphere. Ok, it\'s a good tune on its own, but I was expecting something a little more impressive.

10. Silicon Sound and Jaia present Even 11 - Oblivion [140 BPM]
To finish the compilation we get a real masterpiece of a track. Even 11 is a collaboration between Silicon Sound and Jaïa, who also worked together on the marvellous track \"Passengers\" on the last Exposure Productions compilation - but this track is even better. \"Oblivion\" runs for over 11 minutes, and is a progressive/full on crossover tune, that is definitely to be found among my favourite tracks this year. The sound is huge, the melodies are long and optimistic, and even though it\'s filled with energy, it doesn\'t seem rushed and stressful at all. Epic, dreamy track.

Bottom line:

\"Grey Area\" is another solid compilation from the young Greek label Exposure Productions. The style is concentrated around the popular full on sound, even though the last half of the compilation does explore the more progressive side of the scene - and it does a very good job. Overall it doesn\'t take any really big risks, but the quality is undoubtedly very high, there are no downright bad tracks, and you\'ll definitely find yourself dancing to some of these tunes this summer.

If you\'re into the sound of labels like Neurobiotic, Nano and Turbo Trance, and you\'re looking for a new morning full on compilation for your collection, then look no further than \"Grey Area\".


1, 2, 3, 7, 8 (!), 10 (!!!!)




Exposure Productions:

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