Author: Bauchklang
Date: Jul 25, 2001
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july 25, 2001



meanwhile BAUCHKLANG have advanced from "personal tip" to one of the most exciting and demanded live-acts in the business.

in the course of time the band has developed a kind of musical style that had never existed before in that very special way which is based on human vocal-signal. BAUCHKLANG is not 'bout imitating or satirizing instruments, it's 'bout discovering and creatively using the infinite variety of human voice .the current work in the studios for the new album took them to macrocosm of voice...

because of remixing, testing of the prevailing voice signals and diverse groove sessions they found out which and how many immense possibilities of sounding there are with just vocal material. the guys fascinate ' cause of their driving beat box sessions, extreme basses, very different mouth percussion and sounds that go right through and through...

due to their experimenting and musical crossovers (from ethno to ragga, hip bop and breakbeats...) BAUCHKLANG have taken the role of a forerunner as weIl as they've succeeded in capturing new ground in electronic scene.

more information and soundfiles:
contact: ricarda aigelsreither , tel.+43-676-53 80 767

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