opened for Juno Reactor

Author: Prophei
Date: Nov 24, 2000
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opened for Juno Reactor

the Galaxy Theatre, LA, CA
Text: Prophei

psytrip inner face

As the southern California sun melts away to a darkened sky, and the lines outside the Galaxy theatre grow, anticipation and excitement rises to as yet unknown levels in the minds and hearts of p:i:f. As a relatively new collective in the southern California trance scene, this show with masters of trance Juno Reactor, is set to give p:i:f a chance to entwine a large group of local minds into their "psytrip inner face". Will it work?

As the lights dim, one is immediately drawn to the large glowing lotus flower taking the center of the stage. Cosmic vibrations begin to fill the air as the intensity of anticipation eases into a softer focus. Strange other-worldly sounds begin to filter in and out as p:i:f emerge from their lotus flower to begin the long awaited trip. All attention is now on them.

As the music intensifies, one notices a large supporting group of what looks like "psychedelic fairy people" beginning to command the stage, and blow bubbles into the surrounding audience. p:i:f has risen to full effect, the galaxy theatre has now been transformed into a colorful glowing psychic playground. As the beats and melodies rise and fall, the crowd begins to dance with an almost orgasmic rhythm. This is good.this is VERY good. The music is a strange hybrid of trance and goa. sort of filtered through the festive energy of a psychedelic Romper Room. It plays with your senses up to the breaking point of sanity without ever losing it magical hold, or its staying power.

One can tell immediately that a lot of work has gone into this production. From musicians to painters to dancers to video artists. p:i:f has truly brought together an experience which can only be accredited to their relentless persistence and hard work within the local scene. All this work has definitely paid off. Where most bands opening for an international act would barely register in the minds of an audience by the time the evening has passed, p:i:f proved that hard work, driving passion and unadulterated good talent can command any stage at any time, and be something every person will remember.

p:i:f commanded the stage from beginning till end, playing their favorite tunes including: "trancy pants", "sweeping orgasm" and "splitter lost". The use of props, video, makeup and sound was everything you would expect and more from this new driving force in the local scene. They have raised the level of showmanship one can normally expect from a trance act.an act which will be hard for others to follow. As the Lotus flower was known for it's special powers in the mind of the ancients, so p:i:f will rise as a powerful psychedelic force ready to bloom into the 21 century. GO SEE THEM.

Reviewed by Prophei' of DropMix Studios www.dropmix.com

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