Tim Schuldt

"Brain Drilling" Review

Author: sChLaUt
Date: Jan 20, 2001
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January 20th, 2001

Tim Schuldt

"Brain Drilling" Review

Text: sChLaUt

I open my Outlook and just before opening my favorite MP3 player I notice an e-mail from Electric - Blue, and I ask myself, could this be an upcoming shindy? Please say its so, as we haven't gotten a good healthy dose of pounding psychedelic beatz in some time! Two clicks later I am forwarding to all my list and its been made very clear that.ITS ON! Tim Schuldt is coming to town and we are in for a treat.

Then there we were, my photographer Gonzo, Shad, Pickle, and our family Shaman Duell, setting out for a night of purely orgasmic tracks and family gathering of unprecedented proportions. The night started out like a flashback to 91 with an LA map point to a new Electric - Blue location, YES! It's about time. After meeting at Innerspace records we set back into North Hollywood for the location, and to our surprise it was on a major street. Once inside, the place was well put together with a chill room upstairs with the water and bathrooms, then there was to access locations to the Psy-Chamber down below. Once the eyes set upon the room the tapestries and visual FX seemed very familiar, then greeted by Psychedelic Wil, of course ; - >

The night started off very well with some grinding dirty breaky Psy-Beats that got the stomp on quick like. At times the music sounded like it was a Download, Skinny Puppy, or some other industrial like dance remix. And as the night grew so did our anticipation for the Man himself to come out and show us how a show is done. The time flew, the man drew near, and then there he was.

With a computer, Korg Prophecy, SH101, a Guitar strapped to his back and about four other sound machines, his kick hit the floor running, BAM! Just like that the posture of the room seemed to rise about 4 feet. A frenzy of famished trancers extended their wanting ears and stomped like pig's in s**t. This is what we came for; this is why we have gathered the family of friends to this unknown location, this right here! The sounds that were coming out of his guitar I had mistaken for a synthesizer on the album, which gave me a real treat. Then he kicked in with the full fledged guitar chomps that gets em goin every time, in no time at all he was kicken people off the stage for rocken it so hard the gear was bouncing, the sheer force was so thick, Luke Psywalker couldn't have handled it! Track after track the man pounded each of these Trancers a new ass to shake and break, the man has an understanding with is guitar I can only relate to young Daniel Son and his dam waxing pads. If you ever have the chance to see Tim Schuldt in action, I urge you to, you wont regret it!


After the BEATING I got a chance to catch up with Tim for a few brief words.

Schlaut: Thanks for the great show! If you have a moment I would like to ask a few questions if I could?

Tim: Thanks! Ya sure.no problem.

Schlaut: How have you enjoyed your tour in the US so far?

Tim: Its real exciting, ive been to four or so locations, and everyone has treated me very well!

Schlaut: Where do you see the Goa/Psytrance music going?

Tim: The movement as a whole is kind of unbridled, this is a style of music which is best known for going every direction possible. So all I can say is where I would like to see it go, which is harder. I am really into the harder edged side of the movement.

Schlaut: These days you can find trance and techno in all types of media, from the nightly news to any average commercial, and in many feature films. What are your thoughts of the commercialization of this music?

Tim: I think its great, I say the more opportunities for artists to express themselves and even get paid for it the better!

Schlaut: If you were to sit back in your studio after turning the knobs on your gear and listening to your music for 4 hours, what band would you put on to take a break? Whoa re your favorite musicians?

Tim: As you can tell by now, I am really into the darker - harder stuff, I really like and impressed by projects like Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zomby, Fear Factory, and projects like that.

Schlaut: In your traveling, which country do you like to tour in most?

Tim: That's a hard question.I cant really say, I mean I like every country. Everywhere I go has something I like about, either the people, the scenery, the movement, there isn't really one place which I could say is better than another.

Schlaut: What are using to write music in the studio?

Tim: I use Mac, Logic, q-base, etc.

Schlaut: For all the aspiring electronic musicians out there, can you give any advice?

Tim: Get a nice G4, burry yourself in the studio and when the time comes, contact as many labels and Dj's you can to start getting your stuff out there.

Schlaut: Well Tim, that's about all I have for you, I would like to wish you the best on the rest of your tour, and we all look forward to your next projects!

Tim: Thanks very much, have a good one!



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