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What's new 1999

swedish version

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Dec 22 - Review: Hux Flux - Cryptic Crunch

from the deepest forests of Örebro, Sweden

         If you want to make your big brother happy this year                
you should definitely buy him Cryptic Crunch for Christmas.

Dec 15 - Interview with the owners of Polytron

from P4 Radio Gothenburg the 30th November 1999

The owners of Polytron fights back the accusations on their
alleged knowledge of drugs on the party and that the building should
have had defective and insufficient numbers of emergency exits.
Well, whatever the police says in this interview I KNOW that there were
enough exits for us all in case of fire, cause I did spot them myself.
Anyhow I wonder how easily it really is for a fire to start
in an almost empty building made of bricks..

11 minutes

you'll need RealPlayer

thanx to Johan for sending in this interview.

Dec 14 - Athom party comming up on Saturday the 18th December



Emok [Phony Orphants, Iboga Records]
eSpark [Nature Freaks, Athom]
Jay [Maya Connection]

Other Side Image & Athom

Price 70 Dkr.
23.00 - ??.??
Aabouldevarden 37, Copenhagen

only 150 tickets avaiable, so be early!

and now to a more sad thing..

since thefts on our parties is one of the most miserable things that
can happen I would like you to help Athom recover a backdrop that got
stolen on their event called Magic Forest in August the 13th.

The backdrop look like this

stolen decos

If you spot any of these backdrops you should know that they are STOLEN!

mail Genetic Light or call Jesper on (+45)-26242425
to get them back to the right owners.

Dec 13 - Photos from Organic Noise

at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct 2

Organic Noise [TIP Records] (GER)

Planet B.E.N. [Naja, Flying Rhino, TIP] (GER)
Jean Borelli [Orion, Transient, Maya Connection] (DK)
Jay [Maya Connection] (DK)

Brid & Nos (S)


34 photos here.

Thanx to Zeki for sending in his photos.

Dec 12 - "There will be more illegal clubs"

The number of illegal clubs will increase if the official once will close earlier.
That's what the organizers behind one of the latest raveparties believes

     This is an interview with the owners of Polytron.
Find out more here     

Solipse photos is up
Not a day too early!

43 photos here.

Dec 11 - Civil servants and the police wants the clubs to close at 03.00

What they want to solve by this action is to get rid of crimes like
maltreatment and damages on this time at night

     Read more about it here.         

Hard technomusic entices drug addicts
That's what the police believes

     The police is pointing their guns at the wrong direction.
A major reverse for the trance and techno scene.

We didn't knew about the drugs
The organizer fights back the accusations

     An interview with the organizer.         

17 people arrested under suspicion for illegal use of drugs
The latest Polytron event on Saturday the 27th Nov
in Gothenburg got raid by the cops

     What does the newspaper write?         

Five arrested for drug use
Two clubs in Gothenburg got raid Friday the 26th Nov

     Read about it here.         

Dec 10 - The police is raiding the clubs

"The police should be more out on the clubs"
The clubowners would like to have more help with stopping the drugs

     An interview with some clubowners in Gothenburg and the police.

Ecstasy is not harmless - but it's my choice

     One guy that got caught with some pills on a club explaining
why ecstasy is much better than alcohol.

"Nobody that uses drugs should feel safe"
This is the words of Peter Värja, Gothenburgs central unit of drugpolice

     Click here to read about it.         

Nov 02 - This page was created (out of former Mangodelica)

Mangodelica has joined forces with Chaishop.
This page will now serv you as the swedish version of the psychedelic chaishop
and also as the home of The Scandinavian Trance Mailinglist.

Oct 17 - What is Kavator doing?

A report from Richard, letting us
know what Kavator Records is up to.

Oct 10 - New danish label - Creamcrop

Jeff D. Jensen (wellknown from Orichalcum, The Deviant and Alienated) and
Jens 'Pharmyard' Bundgaard (known from Alien Constructors)
has launched a new label called 'Creamcrop'
Read all about it.


En backdrop blev stulen i lördags (990918) p?esten här i Göteborg
och om n?n har sett eller hört något så skulle vi vara väldigt tacksamma
om ni hörde av er till mej. Den är ca 150X150 cm och svart i grunden och den
föreställer en grön åttaarmad(?) stjärna som omringas av blåa cirklar med bubblor i.
Ser man den känner man säkert igen den eftersom den har använts
på många fester bl.a SUB och Arvika.
500 spänn till den som kan leverera den välbehållen.

Daniel och Mattias

Aug 25 - News from DJ Anti

Here you'll find a report from DJ Anti about what's going to be released soon
on his 4 different labels Spiral Trax, Microgram Recordings, Acid Casualties and
Spiral Trax International. All together with a complete discography.

Aug 04 - Review: Haldolium - Deagua

The debut album Deagua from Mark of Lorzenzen and Mario Reinsch.
It is german. It is progressive. Does this means that it's good?

Aug 03 - Review: Ouija - Brainshower

The first release from Nova Tekk's sublabel Liquid Audio Soundz.
S.U.N. Project's progressive sideproject
is a brainshower.

July 31 - Photos from Arvika Festivalen 99

at Rollercoaster in Arvika, Sweden, July 16-17

Hallucinogen (UK), S.U.N. Project (D), Der Dritte Raum (D)
Son Kite (S), Atmos (S), Lucky People Center Visualsoundsystem
Dwayne Sodahberk, Gunnar Underground, Moder Jord Allastars
Looptroop, Spotrunnaz, Heed, DaPete, Mol feat. Beats SK
Rundgung-stajlii, Mat At Far, El Sheriffo + MC:s

James Monro (UK), Philipp (D)
Anti (S), Morg (S), David (S), Sidekick (S)
Dave The Drummer (UK), Thomas Krome
Ron's, Ste Van B, Sledge

Unfortunately couldn't Juno Reactor come due to some transport problems.
Max Lanfranconi didn't make it either, but instead of him came Philipp and played a really great set.

50 photos from this event can be found here.
Thanks to nCo for sending in his photos.

Click here for more photos

July 13 - Review: Human Blue - Ice

The second CD release from Spiral Trax is
a full album from Human Blue!

July 12 - Photos from Maya Connection

at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 5

Live act:
X-Dream [Blue Room Released] (GER)

Sangeet [Spirit Zone/Voov Experience] (GER), John Ford [Phantasm Rec.] (UK)
Jean Borelli [Orion/Maya Connection], Jay [Maya Connection]

Chill DJ:
Jiff & Mundsmurt [Vesterbronx]

27 photos can be found here.
Thanks to Zeki for sending in his photos.

Click here for more photos

June 23 - Review: Cydonia - In Fear of a Red Planet (LP Version)

Should we really fear the red planet?
By Andreas

June 20 - Review: Eclipse - A Journey Of Permanence & Impermanence

A soft compilation from Twisted.
By Erik Svedman - Vometiva Kollektiva

June 13 - Review: Psychedelic Electronica 2

The second compilation in this serie from Psychic Deli.
By Erik Svedman - Vometiva Kollektiva

June 11 - Review: Shakta - The Enlightened Ape [Promo]

What is there to say about Shakta's new album?
Is it any good?

June 10 - Partyreview: Maya Connection

at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark, June 5

How was X-Dream?
Did John Ford play hard?
Was it hot?

The answers are all here.

May 28 - Review: Pleiadians - Family of Light [Promo]

What is there to say about Pleiadians new album?
Find it out here.


A new mailinglist has seen the light, The Scandinavian Trance Mailinglist.
The main idea with this mailinglist is to bring us here in the north closer together.
Here you'll have a great opportunity to get to know like-minded people
that you for example can exchange ideas and experiences with.
Discussions over different opinions is what drives us to explore new dimensions.
Subscribe at www.chaishop.com/mailinglist

May 09 - Photos from the Oforia and Bypass Unit party

at Amager Bio in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mars 31

Live acts:
Oforia, Bypass Unit

Morg, Oliver, Wiking

Psyde FX, Onyx & Co

Unfortunately Ofer had to cancel.
10 photos can be found here.

Click here for more photos

April 09 - Review: Full On Vol.2 - The Israeli DAT Mafia

The second compilation in the 'Full On' serie
from the Israel label HOM-mega.

Jan 18 - Review: Third Flight - Slipstream

Yet another compilation from Flying Rhino.
Read all about it.
By Erik Svedman - Vometiva Kollektiva

Jan 10 - Photos from Psychedelic Visions on a New Years Eve

at Sputnik/The Ballroom in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec 31

Live acts:
Koxbox and Pergamon

Frank E, Banel, Wiking, Mission

Deco & Chillout:
Onyx & Co

15 photos can be found here.

And here you'll find RealAudio from this event!
The audioquality could be better though.

Click here for more photos

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