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Author: Mango
Date: Dec 31, 2000
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what's new swedish archive

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May 23 - Reclaim the City

Stockholm, Sweden

Here's a little review and some photos from a happening called Reclaim the City that took place May the 1st.
The main idea with this thing was to fight for our rights
to be able to dance without a police permission.
More car free streets were also demanded.

May 07 - Photos from XV Kilist and GMS events

XV Kilist at Øksnehallen/building 68, March 29

12 photos here

GMS at Amager Bio, April 8

14 photos here

May 04 - Review: Electric Kool-Aid

from Kavator Records

On this new scandinavian compilation the tunes have been handpicked by Richard Ahlberg.

May 02 - Interview with XV Kilist

This very talented young guy from Switzerland
have fast made huge progress

With his releases on Naja, Spiral Trax Int., and now Plastik Park,
he really gives us some fullon energy tracks.


April 26 - Got a cold? What ever you do, don't blow your nose in Sweden

Now even blowing your nose or going to the toilet too often
can get you arrested

Yes, we are heavily controlled up here

April 20 - The swedish police was kicked out from Christiana

A group of 20-30 swedish cops decided to go for
a "secret" mission on Pusher Street

   This is the laugh of the week.
swedish or english

April 14 - Kavator releases compilation

"A new twisted psychedelic night-time compilation from scandinavia"

Read about Electric Kool-Aid

April 07 - A total of 60 people got caught

This is the result of a co-operation between the
swedish, danish and norwegian police


April 04 - Gothenburg's Recordshop no.1

Flexible Record Shop is now online

Flexible Record Shop (former Spiral Trax Record Shop)
is run by Lucas and Morgan (DJ Morg, Katayama).
Visit them at www.flexible.to or for a more closer experience at
Södra Hamngatan 49-57 (also known as City Passagen)

April 01 - Over 20 people got caught in a raid

All arrested except of one were affected by drugs

The police has now started dealing with the drugs
on the restaurants and cafe's.


I'm back from the X.V. Kilist event

Unfortunately the party got closed down by police about 03:00.
It was said that there where too many people inside the local
(I can only agree). That's why the police action.
I did got 32 photos though that will be up as soon as they've been developed,
all together with a little review.

March 29 - X.V. Kilist live at Øksnehallen/building 68 this Friday

Conscious presents

X.V. Kilist [Naja Rec, Spiral Trax] (Swiz)

Kilian [Plastic Park Rec.] (Swiz)
eSPARK [Nature Freaks, Athom]
Team Conscious [Conscious Rec.]

Decoration by:
Chill out area & Chaishop

Date: Friday, 31/03-2000
Time: 22:00 - 07:00


March 12 - The police raid a rave this morning

"The police couldn't take care of all who were affected by drugs"


March 10 - Docklands party comming up

This event is called Area-51 and will take place the March 18th

Hux Flux [Koyote Rec.]
Trance[]Control [UC Music]
Masada [Krembo Rec.]
Psychedelic Virus (former Axiomis)

Faceless [Moonflower, Sthlm]
Berre [T-Rööd, Uppsala]

Oldshool Smartbar by NeuroLab
(surprise for the first 200 guests)

Price: 120 SEK
Place: Docklands, Stockholm, Sweden (Finnboda Varv)
Date: March 18, 2000
Time: 22:00 - 10:00
Age: 18 years.

Read more on their homepage

Feb 16 - News from Creamcrop

The debut album of Process will be out in late April

Read more about it on Creamcrop Records homepage

Feb 11 - Record recommendation

New X.V. Kilist and Katayama 12"

X.V. Kilist - Kante/Gummi, Spiral Trax Int, spitin 4

- two very nice riding trance tracks.
High quality stuff by Kilian Horwath from Switzerland.
This is his the second 12", first was Seitenzwack/Vielleicht on Naja
and it's also recommended!

Katayama - Flow-co-motion/Pan-o-rama, Spiral Trax spit 012

- two fresh tracks from Morg.
Flow-co-motion gives the words 'progressive trance' a new
meaning to me. My favorite is on the flip though.
The shifting bassline in Pan-o-rama will make you rock!
Nice piece of work Morg!

what's new swedish archive

--> 1999 - 1998 <--

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