Shamantrance @ Leiden

Author: Wick
Date: Feb 12, 2001
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Shamantrance @ Leiden
written by: Wick
(Feb 12, 2001)


Shamantrance LVP Leiden

DJ 100% SISI, Goa Moa, guest DJ Wambam, Leiden

Shamantrance LVP Leiden 13 January DJ's: 100% SISI, Goa Moa, guest DJ Wambam The so called Shamantrance crew has been organizing parties on a regular basis for around three years, mostly in Leiden or the Hague. Their aim is to give full-on indoor parties for the lowest price possible.

When we arrived around midnight, Parascense's Troublekiller was mashing the already packed dance-floor, and threw me right into the action. 100% SISI was behind the decks, combining new dance-floor crackers with the older goa tracks. A trainwreck here and there, the needle popping off the record one time: it was no problem for the crowd whatsoever. Nor did they seem to care about the volume having to be turned down to a despicable level for a party, but it did create an atmosphere where people on the dance-floor were chatting besides rabidly dancing others.

Never before had I seen such a freaked out crowd: at every party there's some freaks, but here it seemed like more the rule than the exception. Mohawked madmen were inciting their own little revolution in the middle of the spacious dance-floor, and people were shouting and screaming whether the music was peaking or not. Energy IS infectious...

The next DJ, aliased Wambam, clearly put the emphasis on 'goa,' doing a nice job at putting some emotion into the vibe. He spun quite nicely for an hour (not making any major technical mistakes), before he left the dance-floor to "Goa" Moa. Moa moved up the pace a little more, again combining the old and the new. Parascense's Troublekiller was put on for the second time, and sealed the success of the party: the crowd went screaming.

Around five o'clock, an hour after the rumored end of the party, all that was left was one huge dance-floor full of happy people. There had been a very friendly atmosphere, where the sane and the mad bundled their energies and let it all out. For seven guilders fifty entry fee the Shamantrance crew had managed to give around 200 people a good bash. Too bad the police bugged them thrice to turn down the volume, but all in all it was well worth the visit.


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