Interview with a portuguese party organiser

Author: Diogo
Date: Aug 10, 2001
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aug 26, 2001


Interview with a portuguese party organiser

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We interviewed Tiago Silva and Bira , the two guys behind Hipnose , that reveal us the unknown and deeper side from a organization that celebrated four years of existence two months ago.

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When did Hipnose born ? Which are the objectives behind it ?

Hipnose was born in 1997 . It just started as a experience , we enjoyed trance , but we were getting a little bit tired of the kind of music being played in Portuguese parties at the time . We wanted to bring different stuff and give people other kind of experiences , with all the risks it taked at the time…

How was the trance scene at the time and how do you compare it to the nowadays scene ?

Nowadays is difficult to make the parties just thinking about good music , because almost every person just want something commercial . The public doesn't go to listen to unknow stuff , but before , some years ago , they didn´t had so much options so they were up for everything . Today people just go for the big names , although sometimes it looks the audience is not listening to good music , they really go for the name , not for sound quality , and it looks they are not opened to new experiences as before…
There is more people in the scene , but less quality of demand from the audience . The public looses a lot with this , because it doesn´t let us bring new stuff…

How can you describe the Hipnose spirit ?

Well , it have a little bit of ourselves in it…!!! We do events to people who like parties with good conditions such a powerful sound system , nice décor and new experimental music . But some audience doesn´t understand that we do the parties because of the music - they always tend to compare us with other promoters and concepts , which doesn´t make our cup of tee…

What you guys define as psychedelic ?

We never consider ourselves as making part of any movement , we like to party by the music , the artists , the deco , the dance…for us this are the essential factors of all this culture . The kind of music we more enjoy is what people define as psychedelic trance , so this is why we make trance parties - not because we wanted to make part of this or that movement , group or religion - we are just in it for the music!!!

Which was you better party ever and why ?

Well…there was so much of them that is difficult to choose one , but maybe the one with Dino Psaras and Max Lafranconi in 1998 at the Seagull club - it was for sure unforgettable , nobody in Portugal had listened or experience something like that until that day ! Also the parties in Serpa were very nice , the one on the castle in September 1998 and the ones near the Guadiana river also bring us really nice memories . Also the concerts we made at Expo 98 were also very pleasant , as well as the event "A união faz a música" (the union makes the music) also in 1998 .

Which were the artists that marked you the most ?

The Germanics X-Dream , because they are one of the most historical bands , Dino Psaras and Mike Maguire , because they play such a wide variety of music in one party are some of the regulars in our productions . We can'´t also forget dj Bim , who was the first dj we had in our parties , in the first one , and he was completely revolutionary at the time , with completely different music from the one we were used in our country .

Where does Hipnose fits inside the trance music ? Which are your influences ?

Well , we think we are between psychedelic and progressive trance .

Plans for the future ?

Lot´s of them!!! We've been participating in big event´s and festivals with lot´s of different musical areas , what is good also to open your music boundaries , and we think in staying in the same line of trance , but we have some secrets that will be revealed at the right time .

Ok… Thanks for you time guys… keep on grooving!!!!!!

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