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Deedrah Album & Tweakers Compilation

Author: left hands
Date: Dec 18, 2003
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Deedrah "Body & Soul" - spuncd08

Spun Records is proud to announce the release of trance maestro Frederic Holyszewski (Dado) third album under the guise of Deedrah . The last two Deedrah albums ( "Self Oscillation" Question Mark Records & "Reload" Hadshot Recs.) drew critical acclaim both on the dancefloor and on the HiFis of trance afficianados worldwide. The Deedrah Track "Reload" was probably one of the biggest hits ever in the scene. And now, with a new studio and new equipment, Dado has produced his finest work ever ... The production standard of the "Body and Soul" album, will undoubtedly set the new standard for the next year to come. Also responsible for the harder edge project, "Synthetic", Dado decided to go in the opposite direction with "Body and Soul" and created nine melodic masterpieces with fat rythms and massive bottom end, overlayed with sweeping melodic layers of psychedelic perfection. Each track immedietly brings to mind an outdoor beach party, especially two tracks that are destined to become this seasons hits: Goa Sunrise and Slinky and Stinky.

When Dado realised that some of the tracks had gotten out pre release, and were being traded on the internet he frantically went back to the studio and for two weeks re-worked each track adding new sounds and re doing the arrangements .. The end result was a big surprise to us all as the "new" version by far eclipse the first versions and now the album has become an absolute masterpiece. Dado himself, who is typically self-depreceating, is now "happy with it".

To dispel the rumours that this album was recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound, in fact it wasnt, however Dados next project is to create the next Synthetic album in this medium ..so look out for future releases on Spun and other labels in this format.

1. Body & Soul
2. Slinky & Stinky
3. Goa Sunrise
4. Waveburner
5. Groove Shadow
6. Hellsonic
7. A Short Cut of Mushrooms
8. Pampampampam
9. Purplestar


New Release

Tweakers - V/A - spuncd09
(Compiled by Dj Paul Taylor)

1. G.M.S. Vs. Dado, Dino & Dimitri - D.D.D. 'n' R. & B.
2. Exhaile - Radio Edit
3. Eskimo - Open your eyes up
4. Wizzy Noise Vs. Joti & Paul Taylor - Headhunter
5. G.M.S. Vs. Juvenile - Alto
6. Funny Farm - 24 Track Mind
7. Brain XL - Hypercube
8. Poli - Altered Reality
9. Sub 6 Vs Pixel - Navigate Into
10. G.M.S. - Tweakers

The Addition to our roster of artists has been expanded with the newest addition of Wrecked Machines from Brasil.

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Already released: Spunout (V/A Compiled by G.M.S.), Feat. Skazi, Dado (Deedrah), a G.M.S. / Hallucinogen blaster, Shanti Vs. Bushman, Alternate Vision, Altom, Earthling, Paul Taylor, Bushman Vs Blanca and a monster Zorba track.
Already released: Pressure (V/A) , Feat. Soundaholix, Earthling Vs. Bushman, Juvenile Vs. Cyrus the Virus, Wizzy Noise, G.M.S. Vs. Spacetribe, Alternate Vision G.M.S. Vs. D.tek, Dino Psaras, G.M.S. Vs. Antidote and Dynamic.
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Already released: Deedrah "Body & Soul" Album.
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