Marocco Statement

Author: Niki
Date: Feb 1, 2001
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feb 2001

Marocco Statement

taken from Mushroom Magazine 2/2001
Text: Niki

I'm sorry you were so unhappy, you re ally have no idea what we went through in that last week that set our production so far back. Aside from 2 days of full on wind storms that completely destroyed everything we built and threw caidel tents into the water, we had to deal with the biggest 2 day holiday in Morocco, the end of Ramadan, which set us back even further when we tried to rebuild. We basically had to start all over 2 days before, and that's why half of what we wanted to do did not happen. We were not trying to bullshit anyone, you really cannot know how we killed ourselves just to get done what was done. As for the toilets and showers, we are in litigation with the company who provided them. They are greedy bastards who took advantage of us by a) doubling the price of the toilets 2 days before the festival and b) did not live up to their contract of providing cleaning and other maintenance services that they had promised, not to mention the fact that they delivered us toilets that didn't function at all b/c they didn't have the correct tubing on the inside. I have very little energy left to describe the adversity we encountered, I just hope you won't hold it against us b/c frankly we already went through enough shit for this festival that we don't need to hear it from you. We were stretched thin, pulled in a million and one directions, and we have only learned what to do and what NOT to do for the next time.

REgards, Niki

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