Part II

Author: Danny
Date: Apr 25, 2001
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april 25

Peyote: Part II

(a search for an spiritual experience)

Text: Danny

San Luis Potosi is a central-northern state of mexico. there you can find the famous dessert of wirikhuta ( huichol named ) that with many others has the particularity of the peyote growing in their sands. The first time I was on wirikhuta I got so amazed about the preciousness and of the site.

A totally different place for all the people that is born in the city and has lived there their whole life. I was there hearing the most deep silence and experimenting the most energetic vibes and then one question got in my mind , why do I want to take this cactus if I am already so high !?. Then I thought it was the perfect moment and the perfect time to do it, and the most important thing, I wasn

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