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pagemaster: Amit Eshel

The Children of the Law of One

  July 2001 - Israel Report 2000 - Special Report for Mushroom magazine by DJ Borris.
read the report of Dj Boris , about Trance In Israel, Taken from Mushroom Magazine

November 2000 - Real Audio Interviews and reviews of Israeli artists
just find out an excelent site http://www.thump-radio.com which have many reviews and Real Audio Interviews with Israeli artists like Astral Projection , Infected Mushroom , Dj Zoo_B . you can also hear many tracks by Israeli artists on this site: check it out , it's a must..

November 2000 - The 3'rd Tel-Aviv Love Parade in Israel
more then 250,000 people arrived to the third Tel-Aviv LoveParade. read about it and view a video clip on http://news.walla.co.il . or read this at http://www.ynet.co.il

November 2000  -  Interviews
The http://goatrance.free.fr/  Trance site have some more interviews with Israeli trance artists: Mfg , Future Prophecy and Xerox

November 2000  -  Yahel Dj set and Mark Allen Dj set on http://www.walla.co.il
Walla got a new section where you can hear Trance music. have a look at http://e.walla.co.il/ts.cgi?tsscript=category&path=209 , where you can here DJ Yahel and Dj Marl Allen Set's.

September 2000   -  "Give Trance A Chance" Demonstration 2
Asher Haviv & friends invite the Trance Tribe and all music lovers to gather in Gan Saker in Jerusalem in front of the High Court and dance! Thursday 26/10/00 14:00-23:00
Let's all revive the spirit of Ganey Huga and the big trance demonstration in Rabin Square and show all how we love to dance!!! check the
Flyer here.
will be there and play for us
: Infected Mushroom,Space cat,Astral Projection,MFG,Xerox,California Sunshine,Oforia,DJ Zoo-B (Krembo),DJ Eyal Yankovich (Hommega),DJ Dede (MDMA),DJ Yuda (P.Cok),DJ Sun-Shy (USTA),DJ Gidi (Hovek Olam),DJ Gula K,DJ HighGuy, Yahel,.Skazi. Be There !!!

July 2000   -  Bracha Goleshet.
For those who don't know the lady, we're talking about a column in "Anashim" magazine (Hebrew) about sex/drugs/rocknroll in the net (The term "rocknroll" has
quite a vague definition that also includes goa trance)."Bracha Goleshet" is finally online at http://www.goleshet.com/

July 2000  -  Interviews
A new Trance site http://goatrance.free.fr/  have some interviews with Israeli trance artists: Sandman, Infected Mushroom, Luminus and DJ Eyal from Hom-Mega

July 2000 - UFS2 promo
B.N.E Records got a new compilation UFS-2 you can download the promo (1.09 MB)

July 2000 - Maariv about Trance.
one of the bigest newspaper in israel is now on the net http://www.maariv.co.il/, they have some articles in Hebrew about EllaGutman, Astral Projection, DJ Yahel  the movie "masheo totaly", DJ Zoo_B and more...

Jun 2000   -   More Interviews.
a link to  Astral Projection inteview English/Hebrew. a link to Kailum inteview English/Hebrew and Sandman (English). taken from the best and the bigest Israeli Trance site -http://www.isratrance.com/

Apr 2000   -  Mark Allen   Interview.
a link to  Mark Allen inteview (english). Mark Allen got a new album on Krembo Records taken from the best Israeli Trance site -http://www.isratrance.com/

Apr 2000   -  Israeli Trance Database 
the best Israeli Trance site -http://www.isratrance.com/ got a huge trance artists database with info about every Israeli trance artists, like : Astral Projection   , California Sunshine   , Ha-rel Prusski   , B.L.T   , Cybel   , Space Cat, Dna   , Holymen   , Indoor   , Non Fiction   , Chakra   , Psysex   , Infected Mushroom   , Mystica   , Power Source   , Shidapu   , Xerox & Freeman   , Analog Pussy   and many many more... 

Feb 2000 - Chakra (Rami Shapira ) profile.
read about Chakra , well known from his album with Edi Mis - "The promise land" just got now a new cd - "Resurrection" by a new record label named Optimus  Records

Jan 2000 - Exclusive pictures from the South Africa 2000 millennium party.
view 24 pictures from the South Africa 2000 millennium party near capetown.
Oct 1999 - The 2'nd Tel-Aviv Love Parade in Israel
view 24 pictures from the 2'nd Tel-Aviv Love Parade in Israel.
also check out the official site http://www.telavivloveparade.co.il/
July 1999 - Nimrod Hasid Trance partys Backdrops view some trance partys backdrops of the best trance partys decorator in Israel - Nimrod Hasid
July 1999 - an article about the Trance tribe and the Trance culture. a link to "Masa Acher" magazine article on the Trance tribe and the Trance culture by Neora. about Trance as a new culture,the music and the Dj role, and the Israeli Trance tribe.
Jun 1999 - Hommega Records - New website. Hommega records got a new web site.
this is a fully operational and updated website with News,Pictures,Track Lists,Future Projects,real audio tracks. also  Bookings available of Dj's and artists like Xerox,Infected Mushroom, Mfg,Chakra,Sandman and more
 Jun 1999 - Analog Pussy - New website. analog pussy group got a new trance site where you can read about them,  listen to many mp3 music files, view clips and more...  http://www.analog-pussy.com/   Jun 1999  - Erez Eizen (Shidapu / Infected Mushroom). a link to to Erez Eizen (Shidapu / Infected Mushroom) inteview (english) or  (Hebrew). taken from the best Israeli Trance site http://www.isratrance.com/  

Apr 1999 - 1999 Goa Season - the Boat Party exclusive photos from the the Boat Party - Goa Mar 1999.

Apr 1999 - 1999 Goa Season - Riktam & Banzee party in Goa
exclusive photos from the Riktam & Banzee party in south Anjuna - Goa Feb 1999.

Mar 1999 - 1999 Goa Season - Astral Projection party in Goa
exclusive photos from the first Astral Projection in Goa Feb 1999.

Mar 1999 - 1999 Goa Season - Goa-Gil party in Goa
exclusive photos from Goa-Gil party in Anjuna  Feb 1999.

Mar 1999 - 1999 Goa Season - Parties in the Pardiso
exclusive photos from parties held in the Paradiso in Goa Feb 1999.

Feb 1999 - a lot of info about Astral Projection
in the best Israeli Trance site -  http://www.isratrance.com/
a lot of  info about Astral Projection  - the famous Israeli trance group

Feb 1999 - Israel Psychdalic Trance Links page
new page in chaishop with links to all Isreali Trance
related site ( Israeli Trance site, Krembo Records,Melodia Records, Eyal Barkan, Holyman , Analog Pussy , Infected Mushroom and more).

Feb 1999 - Astral Projection live in New-York
A link to MTV site where you can hear Astral Projection Live show in New-York (press launch amp 2.0 to hear) ,1 hour real audio music.

Feb 1999 - Sandman - ( Itzick Levy) Interview
in Aerodance site an exclusive Interview with Sandman - Itzick  Levy.

Feb 1999 -   "Analog Pussy" Psychdelic Trance report
Jinno & Giga reports from Tel-Aviv University Trance event and from  2 recent parties.

Jan 1999  -  Holyman  Interview.
a link to  Holyman inteview (english) or  Holyman inteview (Hebrew).Holyman is the producer of "over the sunrise" compilation and "Intelligence Genetics". soon he gonna release his new cd. taken from the best Israeli Trance site -http://www.isratrance.com/

Dec 1998  - Analog Pussy Interview.
in  acts section on prophets of shiva read interview with  Analog Pussy  new Trance group  from Israel.

Dec 1998  - New Israeli Trance site
check this excelent new site  about Israeli  Trance a lot of info about the Israeli scene.
well done brothers ! http://www.isratrance.com/

Nov 1998 - DJ Nadi  interview - Domo records.
in Dj's section on  prophets of shiva read  DJ Nadi - Domo records Israel interview

Nov 1998 - DJ Dede profile - Mdma records.
in Dj's section on  prophets of shiva read  DJ Dede - M.D.M.A records Israel profile

Nov 1998 - Future Navigators tracks by DJ Dede.
listen to Future Navigators mix by DJ Dede - M.D.M.A records Israel

Nov 1998 - Doctor Yoav Ben-Dov article about the Israel Trance.
read Dr Yoav Ben-Dov frorm Tel-Aviv University article  about the Israeli
Trance scene in Hebrew

Oct 1998 - The First Love Parade in Israel Review & Pictures
in god of wisdom read my review and view some pictures
from the first  Love Parade in Israel 9 october 1998

Oct 1998 - announcing The First Love Parade in Israel
The first Love Parade in Israel 9 october 1998

Sep 1998 - Momra Ecuento festival review
in god of wisdom review of the "Momra Ecuento" trance festival
in Spain by Amit Eshel.

Jul 1998 - Israel Trance demonstration review & pictures
in god of wisdom review of the Israel Trance demonstration (including photos) that just took place and has been a knockout victory for the Israel Trance scene !!

Jun 1998 - Trance situationin in Israel
a page about the Trance scene current situation in Israel.
at this dark hour we can see the first day of light.
on 9/7/98 there gonna be a Trance Demonstration in Israel. read all about it here. including parlament member Dedi Tzuker point of view
and Dr Yoav Bendov-Tel-Aviv University words in Hebrew .

Jun 1998 - the Israeli Trance scene
read a short review about the Trance scene in Israel,best dj's and latest cd.

Apr 1998 - Israel Trance mailing list 

Bom shankar from Israel ! We have created a new mailing list named the "Israel Trance mailinglist " or I604L . This is the Internet mailing list for Israel Goa Trance, or Psychedelic Trance. Party reviews, Opinions &Music staff in Israel. All about The Israeli 604 scene.

Amit Eshel



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