Cyberphunk Party with Dominic Lamb & Frank' E

Sunday, 11 of March

Author: Sequential-X
Date: Mar 14, 2001
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Cyberphunk Party with Dominic Lamb & Frank' E

Sunday 11th of March

We arrived at the venue at about 9:30 and immediately we got in. No much crowd in the door and not at all a que... weird ?!? Moving "deeper" into the venue the place was not empty but certainly not packed. Kostas was playing some warm up tunes and no signs of Dominic or Frank either. At about 10:00 o'clock the guests arrived and the crowd started to gather too. Kostas handed the decks to Dominic who kicked off like a hurricane. He started with a funked up cut and then off he went into some speedcore psychedelic trance that go the floor into orbit.

Things got harder and Dominic won the crowd big time. Moving gradually to more traditional motor driven cutz the crowd seemed to enjoy the music, dancing and having a good time. Speaking for the crowd I would say that it was good, no kiddies (not that this is actually a problem but u know the score) lots of ladies and funky birdies doing their thing. They seem to enjoy the music and having a laughter in the floor.

Crazy man and overall good guy Frank' E followed after Mr. Lamb and played a set full of quality. Musically it was very good (I would actually like him to move into more experimental waterz) and really psychedelic with analogue (or digital) noises bouncing off and into the mix, creating a stunning "out there" atmosphere. The thing though that really amazed me was the flow of the set, it was fantastic the fluidity between tracks was awesome, one of the best sets I've heard this year and the last track Frank played -before giving decks back to Dominic for a Back 2 Back session- was outstanding.

Checkpoint! Dominic took over and played some EQed to death tracks that are more underground and dark than the subway itself. Subtle drum - programming and boosted bass frequencies, almost no high frequencies and some brain boggling pads composed an alien atmosphere. My only argument here is that with that sort of tracks the lights should be all down. Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the back 2 back session as my throat (there is a fucking flue around u know) had a different opinion about psychedelic music. We did though had some time to speak with Frank' E about the past, present and future of one of the most influential bands in the psychedelic scene, Koxbox (not Kobox as the scroller on the video wall insisted saying)

First question for Frank was what happened with Peter Candy (ex member of Koxbox). Frank said that Peter moved into other things and his is not interested in music any more, "he is only making music for friends..." Frank replied. This is the reason why "Dragon Tales" (the band's second album) sounds so different from track to track. We also asked him about the decision on keeping the Koxbox project and not just sticking to Psychopod (Frank' E and Ian Ion), on this subject Frank said that they are not doing it for commercial reasons but why they see a different sound emerging for these two projects. He also said that they are looking for a record label to release their 4th Koxbox album (if this is not good news then what is) and they will start working on it as soon as possible.

For the Psychopod project they have some remixes pipelined for the Rhino crew and some releases here and there. Musically they adopted the digital age by using the world - famous Pro Tools

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