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Date: Jan 31, 2001
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Chaishop Label of the month Feb 2001- Interview / Music / Info


jan 31, 2001

Chaishop Label of the Month Feb 2001

Interchill Records is an independent label based in Canada featuring artists from all corners of the globe. What started out as a focus on Canadian down-tempo music has grown into a universal outlet for chilled music of all flavours…

With roots in the early Montreal rave scene a decade ago, the Interchill sound has grown and evolved in step with the electronic music revolution. Having experienced most aspects of this phenomenon, building bridges between artists, and releasing electro-ambient/world influenced music since 1994, we are a label with a musical mission.

In our alliances we value the artists’ aspirations ; many of whom don’t speak English as their first language. All artwork is conceived and composed in house by Gordon Field. We like to include original photographs and works contributed by the artists in our extended family, as often as we can. Our sounds are compiled, arranged, produced and presented for maximum resonance… burning the listeners’ memories so brightly and so vividly, that they can almost taste them.

All that we do has roots in the same spirit ; whether we are preparing a meal for friends, creating and performing in a wilderness installation, placing images with music, appreciating the beauty around us, crafting the flow of a release, or dreaming our dreams.

Our full catalogue is available via the on-line shop on our web-site, including detailed information about the artists, the label and our releases.

We are passionate about music and its ability to move and inspire people. We invite you to download our mp3’s ~ a new selection will be available every month.



Listen to the exclusive Chaishop Interview and get to know more about Interchill & Canada.
Interview made by Alpha (Chaishop) with Andrew (Interchill) in Jan 2001.
You need the free real player.

  Complete Interview 32 min.
1. How did Interchill start 9 min.
2. Canada 6 min.
3. Interchill Basics 4 min.
4. Releases & Artists 6 min.
5. The spirit of Interchill 5 min.
6. Contact / Future 2 min.



Release Artist Track
Interior Horizons freeworm dirtbath
Interior Horizons legion of green men beyond the borderless
Interior Horizons hydraulic vindaloo
Northern Circuits Pilgrims of the Mind Sandcastle
Magnetic Blue Dreamlogic Sun in my Eyes
Magnetic Blue Toona Blurry
Ekko Centripetal Ekcentricity
Ekko Centripetal Ebb/esho
Burning Mask Neil Sparkes and the Last Tribe Sunkiss
Burning Mask Neil Sparkes and the Last Tribe The sun also rises
Burning Mask Neil Sparkes and the Last Tribe Touch a body
Ekkocentric Zion Train mossman 'zion train remix'
Ekkocentric Watershell corkscrew 'the watershell remix'
Ekkocentric Kaleidoscope mossman 'kaleidoscope remix'



Interchill Records
P.O. Box 42074,
Montr?, QC. H2W 2T3,

Fax: 514 843 9313




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