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Date: Nov 10, 1998
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Nov 10/98

DJ Nadi

Haifa ,Israel
    Say something to us to get to know you better. 
My name is Nadi and I'm a d.j. and party organizer in Israel, mostly
in the northern part (Haifa).I've been in the scene here for 6 years now
4 of them in the active side (playing and organizing).
   What kind of music usually plays in your party? 
   I tend to the more psychedelic part of dance music meaning        psy
trance and ambient because it talks to the head more than to the feet
and when I play I like to be as psychedelic as possible depending of
course on the crowd the place and the atmosphere.

    How do you organize a party? 

  When I go to organize a party the first thing that comes to my head is
the good time and the mental benefit I get from the party and the people
who get there does. Usually in the outdoor parties in the summer
admittance is free and so are the water and beers. At the end of the
party we go around with a hat and get money from people to cover the
expenses. The thing I hate the most is telling people how much to pay
for a party, if you enjoyed pay as much as you want and if you didn't
than I wouldn't be the one to make you pay for it. The situation is a
bit different indoors when we have to rent a place to make a party in
and then we have to charge admittance and for drinks but also then we try
to keep it as moderate as possible.
   What kind of place will be your favorite to do a party? 
  My favorite place for a party will be, how predictable, the beach
because there the true feeling of freedom takes hold and promises the
best time possible
   Which party do you think is the most successful that you have done? Why ? 
  The best party I made was the fourth one we made ever, it was on the
beach, something like 1000 people came, all through the night there was
a lunar eclipse so the sky was practically almost daylighted, the
atmosphere was amazing and we even had a surprise in the morning when 
d.j. JORG (germany) came and gave an amazing 2 hours set.The party went
on from 1 am to 12 pm.

   Describe your first party

  The first party we made was funny.By that time I was only a music
collector and a party animal but when lousy crowd began to appear in the
parties and the vibe was going away, we decided to make our own party to
invite our friends and whoever came with them.
About 80 people came mostly close friends as predicted but it was lovely
and lasted from 12 am until 1 pm.
   How about the other organizer's party that you attended? 
  The main problem we have here in israel is that most of the party 
organizers in Israel started doing it for the money and not for the fun
of it and that's when things got ugly because when you lose the feel and
concerned only for the benefits that's when you miss the whole idea
behind the party thing so except from a few good friends who organize
nice parties I don't usually attend other people's parties.
   Nadi , thanks a lot, Boom  . 
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