Author: Arthur
Date: Sep 11, 2000
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sep 11, 2000

DJ Arthur

Berlin, Germany
Text: Arthur

Hi. My name is Arthur and I´m a dj since dec. 1996. I got to djing after I met the psychedelic trance scene here in germany. The chill out area soon became my home base for playing vinyls and instead of mixing the usual ambient tunes I thought trip hop and groovy big beat would also fit in there quite well.

After a while my sounds became too heavy for a chill out and I moved to the 2nd dance areas. My sets developed themselves to danceable breaking sessions.

Now I´m working on the attachment of several different styles of electronic music to create one flow. Soon I was able to do chill in´s for trance parties wich start with soft, slow trip hop tunes, followed by big beats, breakbeat, electro, progressive breaks and techno/ trance

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