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Author: DJ Ganesh & Sonic
Date: Apr 18, 2001
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P r o f i l e

Kresimir Farkas aka dj Ganesh is party promoter and music producer,
who started his music carrier in 1998 after all sort of many parties he went to.
Influenced by all that goes along with it he decided to try out his mixing skills and soon he became so sure in which music direction he would go, trance off course.
He played at many parties around Europe (Germany, Swiss, Czech republic, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia) and as a popular guest at every party around Croatia.

As a promoter he stays behind several projects like:
Unconsious Collective,Mladahbradah production,Mutoid Sadhus organization
and Humor Tumor Sekta productions.At the moment he is promoting trance/freestyle evenings in Zagreb,Croatia at the only underground club called "ATTACK". Venues like - SPIN CYCLES - and - GOTCHA - are focused on presenting psyprogressive trance and freestyle sounds. His set can be described like a fusion of hi tech psychedelic trance or intelligent groovy progressive trancy techhouse, depending on a party he play at.
An excellent mixing skills and feel for the music create harmonic flow feeling so his set is more or less perfect energy musical journey.
His production work is under name "UMBRA" and first release "sensored organ" is planed for the end of 2002 on german-israely label Analog Pussy Records. At the moment he is busy with collecting tracks for the first compilation of croatian trance artists, hopefully released on hadshot haheizar hosted compilation.

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I n t e r v i e w



who are you, where do you live?
ganesh dj ; kresimir farkas ; zagreb ; croatia ; 20

what are you doing when you´re not playing music?
music is my life ; dj , party promoter , producing music.

how did you come to music, did you play other instruments/music before you came to psytrance?
techno/trance is my first music , cause of my ages ;
i'm techno child generation !
i used to play guitar , but one year , and that was it !

what is your style, how and when did you come to trancemusic?
at the moment i'm playing crossover between progressive/psychedelic
techtrance , both morning and night stuff.
i'v got into techno culture and parties somewhere around '96 ,
and really get involved into trance through my girl and few parties i went
abroad , which impressed me very much ; with people , vibe , music etc..
i started djing around '98 , and from 99-2000 played more and more on parties in croatia and abroad.
as for producing ; it's still in the early phase.i'm just finishing my first
serious track called Virus under Polyphonik name.
it's techno/trance crossover , harder night stuff.

what does trancemusic mean for you, how importand is trance for you, what do you use it for? what do you think about our scene and where do you think are we going to?
i think it's not just music , it's way of life ,
and for that i use it always in my daily life , it's part of me.
generally speaking , my opinion that this growing trance explosion can't be
bad , especially for music get new ideas , new artists
and it's stupid to always do the same thing , maybe that kills music.
as for that "old vibe" question is the same.
there will always be people who don't belong there ,
and which can ruin your good vibe etc..(anywhere)
and i'm always for keep it in underground ;
but i don't see as a bad thing that trance is more popular amongst the people ,
and that parties atrract more crowd.
it's just improvment that it's good music !
who knows where it can go ?!
it's neverending story.

what are your releases/events until now?
few months ago , i decided to start ( with friend of mine) , new trance
party serial called : Spin Cycles :
till now we did two parties ; tatsu label tour and spin cycles launch party.
before that i was involved(as dj & one of organizers) in : Tribalizer : parties.
over the summer we are focused on open air festivals.
highlight of last season was : Free Spirit : adriatic ecotrance beach fest ,
on beautiful location at island of Cres.(Croatia)
besides the parties in croatia , i'v played in czech rep, bosnia & herzegovina ,
macedonia , serbia and next gig(february) see me at chakradelic party in zurich.

what are your futurities, upcoming releases, upcoming parties?
continuing : Spin Cycles : cycle , label parties , make summer festivals more
internationaly and attractive to people , focusing on my own production ,
try to get more gigs and start with a label project.

what was the best, funniest or strangest experience in your carreer?
my best experiences are definetly some of tribalizer parties ,
one of my gig in skopje ( macedonia) , free spirit festival , parties in pula ,
and interesting was 2002 NYE party in Beograd ( Serbia ).

Interview by Frank Frehse


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