Klangstrahler - Pick me off the dirt

Reviewed by Philip Assarson for Zero Magazine

Author: Philip Assarson
Date: Nov 20, 2007
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Date: 20.11.2007
Text: Philip Assarson

The third album from Klangstrahler Project, It’s taken seven years to finish “Pick me of the dirt”. Something that troubles me is that the producers let some errors slip through into the finished product. One of the mistakes is distortion noise between the intro and the second track. And some cut-edges from the samples in track 6. This is not so good when the whole album is meant as an audio-spiritual-journey in the meaning of love. Pick me of the dirt is a insane experience in a rollercoaster b.p.m and sequential ambient influenced crossover electro. Surely not Trance music that its categorized in the distribution lines. The listener will enjoy ethereal vocals, soul and rhythm blues influenced electro with violin, harmonica and guitar and last but not least totally wacky sample-electro. Eleven tracks that transports the listener through a twisted trip in the Klangstrahler soundscape. This is guaranteed an album with musical material you have never experienced before.
Because of the errors in the production and mastering it loses some points and gets only a three.

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