Author: Philipp
Date: Jul 25, 2001
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july 25, 2001

DJ Philipp


dj philipp started to play as a tech-trance dj in the early 90's. grown up
in hamburg, and being very active in that time as a singer and bass-player
in the crossover- and alternative metal-scene, he more or less stumbled
accidentally into an event that was held in the near of his hometown, where
a small bunch of freaks was celebrating a ritual that was already in '92
called VOOV-EXPERIENCE. after this night of recieveing extra-sensual vibes
and tunes he realised that life has changed, and nothing will be as it used
to be...

being lucky to know some of the main-inventors of this event, he got into
the scene very quick and already after a short time of practice he went to
play at his first outdoor-events in foreign countrys like austria,
switzerland and, in the beginning of '94, kho-pha-ngan in thailand, where he
had his real international coming-out. this was the time when the SPIRIT
ZONE label and booking agency was found, which was - with dj's like axel,
planet b.e.n., mahasukha and of course antaro himself - one of the most
interesting conglomerations at that time. the membership in this family, and
his style of music that these days was defined as something like
"cutting-edge psycho trance", was the reason that brought his name to many
organisers across the globe. so he played at bigger and smaller partys and
clubs in countries like austria, belgium, denmark, england, malaysia, the
netherlands, portugal, switzerland, sweden, spain, venezuela, italy,
tschechoslovakia, japan, india, australia, new zealand and never in
france... main events in germany: almost every excalibur-party,
fusion-festival, main-floor opening on voov-experience '99, the early
spirit-zone festivals and many, many more...
since 1999 philipp and his dj-mates TOBIAS & DANIEL SUN from cologne, and
MARKUS NIESSEN, co-founder of the highly frequented PSYCHEDELIC CHAISHOP on
the net, run two record labels by the name of PLASTIK PARK and SUNSET
recordings, both platforms found to release the style of music that
definately rules the dancefloors as deep, progressive techno-trance. part of
their family are acts like DJ ALEGRIA, AMPHASIS, ANTIX and the incredible XV
KILLIST, with whom philipp runs his own project KILOPHIL. the first KILOPHIL
12" will be released on PLASTIK PARK records soon, as well as his second
project: PRIME TIME PLASTIX, which he's doing with daniel vernunft who's
formerly known as SHIVA CHANDRA.

the style of philipp's music nowadays is the same that he promotes on his
label: deep and groovy metallic pro-tech, still there's no name for this way
of shakin' it, but it surely doesn't have much to do with GOA-music anymore.
by the age of 28, he's mainly spending his time in zurich, switzerland
together with his girlfriend and his beloved 3 year old son LIOR, who is
"the fattest live-act ever heard" to him...

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