Prahlad - Movements Of Consciousness

Album review by Ma Faiza

Author: Ma Faiza
Date: Sep 11, 2007
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Prahlad - Movements of Consciousness

Yellow Sunshine Explosion

This is the debut album from newcomer Prahlad, and its a rocket launcher!!! Stompy, bouncy, punchy, happy, beautiful and bright, uplifting melodic trance, from progressive to full-on psychedelic - even elements of electro (I couldn´t stop dancing!). With top quality sound production, (he knows his tools!), and great use of film voice samples with messages and meaning, this creative album just rocks... Its downright impossible not to feel good while bouncing along to `Meditation´, `Astronauts´, `Illusion´ and `Raver for Life´ - go on I dare you!! Prahlad´s sound has evolved and matured, and now with this classy, well produced first release, he´s firmly on the road to being part of the new young generation of trance music producers.

Ma Faiza

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