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Date: Aug 17, 2007
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The latest releases in chillout, ambient & lounge, Jens Buchert (Jebu - Germany) in interview and Ovnimoon (Syngergetic - Chile) in the mix.

Chaishop Music News presents the Chillout Channel - a new monthly journey through the world of chillout, ambient, lounge and downtempo. Produced monthly in Hamburg, Germany.

This show is being presented by DJ Mikadho. It features an interview with Jens Buchert (Jebu - Germany). Jens is talking about his chillout chair, the color orange, his addiction to making music, his connection to the trance scene, his productions for films and his own label Jebu Records.

After the show we got a chillout set of Ovnimoon (Synergetic - Chile).

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  • [Album/Compilation: Release Title - Artist - Track (Label)]
  • Album: Life 2 - Asura - Five Lines (Ultimae)
  • Album: Life 2 - Asura - Galaxies Part Two (Ultimae)
  • Compilation: Nova Natura 3 - MLT - Exotic Grenadia (Cosmicleaf)
  • Compilation: Global Slowdown - Zero Cult - Desolation (Tempest)
  • Compilation - Cosmik Chill Orange - Flooting Grooves - Immersion (Electrik Dream)
  • Album: Green Satin - Jens Buchert - Down Again (Downbeat mix) (Itunes)
  • Album: Drift - Jens Buchert - 1001 Miles (Itunes)
  • Interview: Jens Buchert (JeBu rec. - Germany)
  • the background of the interview: Album: Cafe Lagoon - Jens Buchert - Bug in Mind (Itunes)
  • the background of the interview: Album: Fruit Machine - Jens Buchert - Qui Passe (Plusquam rec.)
  • Album: Amberland - Jens Buchert - Mélange Eléctrique (JeBu rec.)
  • unreleased: D.Batistatos - Beyond the Vail

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