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Author: La Nebuleuse
Date: Sep 3, 2001
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upd. sept 03, 2001

La Nebuleuse

Introduction the world Of the Psykid La.nebuleuse.

Style: Psy Trance Full On
Djing: since almost 10 years
Working for succesively Pof rec., Lost realms, Surreal Audio rec.
International trance DJ
Played all over europe & beyond.

F u l l O n T w i s t e d P s y T r a n c e


La.nebuleuse just put out a new label : Tikalrecords-ltd
with a compilation: Matrix coming out sept 1st .
Also Tikalrecords-ltd aim to deliver Full ON Twisted sounds . first compilation contain 9 previously unreleased tracks
Including material from Cyberlions ( nebuleuse & jahbo) & Activate morlack VS cybernebuleuse
So my new guise cause i wrote abit of music with some friends latly
Ice O Lator ( with Tim Thick texas faggot) released On shpastic ellastic new compilation crambled brains
Cyberlions ( with jahbo) released on Tikalrecords-ltd Cybernebuleuse released on Tikalrecords-ltd

Contact :

A rainbow child & all round DJ from the dimension of psychedelic experiments & adventures. With his original technique & energy, La. Nebuleuse spins a full blend of twisted psy trance from a set of vinyl & DAT (cutting edge trax & unreleased cuts).
La.Nebuleuse likes to be remembered for his full-on experiences around full moon parties & his devotion to the crowd.
Now based in London after residing in A'Dam for the last five years & playing around Europe, La.Nebuleuse is a signed Dj to SURREAL AUDIO, a label based in Helsinki, Finland.

He has played alongside the distinguished likes of Cydonia from Atomic Recs.; Coma (Transient), Kiwa (Surreal Audio) Space Cat (BNE), Laughing Buddha(Transient Tecs.), Simo Marcello (Chichime), Mick Chaos (Chaos) Avi Space Cat Algranati, 'Danyel' (3rd Mind Rec., NL), 'Hc', 'Fidel', 'Mariano', 'Poly', 'Tory' & 'Shawnodese', & international DJ's 'Fred Giteau' (Pof Rec.Serbian Love, FR), 'Alpha' (Mushroom Mag., DE), 'SunShy' (Krembo Rec., IL), 'Halo' (Helsinki Rec., FIN), Andy Mason (Kundalini Rec., UK), 'Thierry' (Blue Room Rec., FR),
As well as Live PA's 'Texas Faggot' (Psyharmonic Rec., FIN), 'Cerebellum' (Kundalini UK), 'Electric Fans' (NL), and stood out.

La.Nebuleuse is a mature DJ who performs for the beauty of music & the enlightenment of people, ensuring a set of fluid mixes for nights of distant mind travel.

Updated Top 10

1 Cyberlions -albert s new word ( tikalrecords-ltd)
2 Cyberlions- serendipity part1 ( tikalrecords-ltd)
3 Kindzadza - chattles ( tikalrecords-ltd)
4 G.O.W - earthman ( tikalrecords-ltd)
4 Midipinpowers - wobble troll ( tikalrecords-ltd)
5 muschaw - Ibiza Punkstaar ( tikalrecords-ltd)
6 Activate morlack VS Cybernebuleuse -serendipity part 2(tikalrecords-ltd)
7 syntax error- bibspil ( tikalrecords-ltd)
8 texas faggot - bartagah ( tikalrecords-ltd)
9 droidsect - poltergeist ( parvati unrel)
10 Magus - power of the machine( unrel )

Holy Gold Top ! 7

1* Jammy wizzard -angstrom disipodopian /jammy ep(flying rhino)
2* Etnica -lenticche (DAT Unrel.)
3* Paps - vibes from the other side (Tip world)
4*Little blue men -elevator rmx (DAT Unrel)
5*Dado-signe furax ( ? rec )
6*Prometheus & process-clarity from deep fog (Twisted )
7*Medecine drum-queen of cup ( DAT Unrel)

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