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Reviewed by Guy Cohen

Author: Guy Cohen
Date: Jul 25, 2007
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Date: 24.07 2007
Text: Guy Cohen

Hi All !

Doof Records is offically open the summer season with new compilation called \"Phunk Core\" - compiled by DJ Dica. As always, the style is uncompromise psytrance with night mood and non stop power. Beside the Doof\'s artists (such as Entropy and Cactus), the cd is featuring also names of rising comers such as Pantomiman and Illegal Machines. Ok, it\'s time to leave so please bring with you the necessary equipment and lets go out to the Phunk Core journey...

01. Pantomiman - Tikva

Please introduce Geroge Agaronov & Serj Jiro from Russia. They get the respect to open the cd with their \'Tikva\' track. It\'s start funky with crazy elements chilly beats untill the the bassline change on 01:26. From this point the twisted kick supporting by the funky elements from the begining are doing the job well. Every sleepy dance floor will wake up with this charm track.

02. Orca - The Human Brain

The Israeli Alon Lifer is take control now. \'The Human Brain\' track is jump one step up and presents a reserved harmony with lots of danceable moments like the brake on 03:40, which surely create a dust storm in the floor. As you can hear, the order of the track list is very smart, because it\'s developing slowly to the highlight point through colorful way.

03. Illegal Machines - Fucking Confuse

Illegal Machines project is created by Fabien & Yan from France. This tune is turned to the night time with darkish atmosphere. The flat kick together with the unstable bassline is a fine recipe for enjoyable diging. Fabien and Yan are using samples of human conversation for add more action to the track, and it actually works. After four minutes of madness, the main brake is cooking some serious up and the diging just became deeper and deeper. Don\'t say good bye to this talented guys yet, because we\'ll promptly see them again.

04. Psykodriods - Vegetal Twist

Psykodroids is a cooperation between Illegal Machines guys together with 3 more people - Wilfried, Stefan and David. So, when five different brains is working on one material, the result is must be special. \'Vegetal Twist\' track is the typical dj tool for each one who involved with twisted beats. I found this track special one, because it\'s has some magical-groove touch without much noisy effects around - just pure groove all the way. Despite the fact it is a short tune (06:10), \'Vegetal Twist\' track has the biggest impact so far.

05. B55 - Brave

Japan is also take part here with B55 project (Keisuke & Takashi). \'Brave\' track has one clear target - create a pure chaos on the floor. It\'s kind of the tunes, which always on action, not even one brake, just a strict bassline with fast kick. I hope you are brave enough to dig all the way with this powerful track.

06. Entropy - One More

Entorpy is one of the hottest names in Israel, especially when the summer is come. Omer and Pitt are playing in outdoor events almost every weekend and spread their message all around. \'One More\' track is show one more time who is the boss here - one more bomb from Entropy is sent to the air. Words can\'t desribe to perfect connection between the track & the human body. My body is respond automaticlly to this heavy beats with all those hallucinate vibes. Good job.

07. Rev & B55 - Succubus

The combination of Troy (Rev) and B55 guys has high expections and belive me - you will not disappoint at all. \"Succubus\" track is the most powerful track in the cd IMO - Doof style with solid kick and rolling bassline. Be aware from the summer next dance floor hit.

08. Pantomiman - Trip Trap
Mr. Agaronov is back for put some color to the comp. As before - \"Trip Trap\" tune is also full of crazy effects and packed with some funky vibes. If your body is look for stuff to help him release the all energy out, this is the requied stuff. Simply A diverse material.

09. Cactus - Lord Of

Avi \'Cactus\' Sakora has just released his debut album (\"Extremely Careful\") before few months and now he is share with us the new work. \"Lord Of\" track is a typical Cactus style - groovy beats, high tempo and even some melody for a change . This track is kind of \"stubborn\" full on by the dark rules. Nice job man.

10. Illegal Machines - Misu Soup

The guys from France are closing this compilation with \"Misu Soup\" track. Dica has decided to make the end more softer & gentle and thats why this track is the last one (definitely not the least one). It\'s a smiley tune with many cheezy parts and good vibes all the time. The long game with the effects is add some psychedelic sparks from time to time. Generealy, this is the most convenient end we could ask.

If you are also want join to Doof\'s latest experience by DJ Dica, get it here :

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