Following up with X-Dream and the future of technology

Jan and Marcus in interview again

Date: Jul 11, 2007
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One year after the last interview with X-Dream – the pioneers of the psytrance bassline – Sam is following up with Marcus and Jan by visiting them in their house close to Elmshorn, northern Germany.

While the idea was to make a short 20 minutes interview, the cozy atmosphere at X-Dreamhausen and the cyberphilosophy of Jan and Markus result in a two-part interview of a total duration of over one hour.

In the first part Jan and Markus talk about the “invention” of the X-Dream bassline, how they met, wheather psytrance is stuck or at it’s peak, their new release on Solstice Rec., Myspace, Jan’s new project Prime Suspect and the future of X-Dream.

In the second part they talk about everything but X-Dream. It’s a chat about the future of technology, the future of media & entertainment, the party scene and politics, Myspace, YouTube and Second Life.

Play the Interview

Note: You can find the 2006 interview with X-Dream here

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