Author: DJ Diogo
Date: Aug 26, 2001
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aug 26, 2001

DJ Diogo

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Hello!!!! My name is Diogo , and I'm a Portuguese 22 years old dj .

Started to dj at the age of 16 , playing in really small beach parties , I started to be invited to play in bigger parties… and that's how it all started…

During this years I played in all known Portuguese promoters , such as Magma (were I was resident until one and a half year ago) , Hipnose (where I'm now playing as resident dj) Goodmood (the Boom festival organisers) and Stereo Legs (I was part of this collective , making really nice parties for about one and a half year , bringing to Portugal acts and dj´s like Koxbox , psychaos , Creamcrop crew , Jeppe , George Barker , etc…) I also write trance records reviews at the only Portuguese dance music magazine , called Dance Club , play very often in rdio Voxx (the largest electronic radio station in Portugal) and I've just started collaborating with Sam to brig to life Chaishop pt.

Along this years I had the chance to play alongside with dj´s like Dino Psaras , Phillip , Mahasuka , Max Lafranconi , Dado , Pena , Emok , Jeppe , Serge Souque , Mike Maguire , Sebastian Kruger , Frank E , Bim , Tristan , Creamcrop dj team , Tim Healey , Mark Allen , Zoo B , Dimitri , B.E.N ,Dhya , Kris Kylven , Holeg , Constance Journeys , Richard Ahlberg and many more… I had also played with some live acts like X-Dream , Cydonia , Tarsis , SBK , Psychaos , Koxbox , Snug as a Bug , M.O.S , Quirk , D.P.O.D , Tim Schuldt , Intact Instinct etc…

I consider my stile as groovy progressive Tec/Trance with a pinch of psychedelic , and I prefer to play during the sunrise , morning , when you can see all the smiley faces and everybody is already in a happy mood . At the moment I'm playing with vinyl and cd´s , which gives you good control to mix because of pith control , allowing you to beatmix all the set .

Some of the parties I most enjoyed to play
OPTIMUS HYPE FESTIVAL -2001- first Portuguese electronic festival , with about 12.000 persons in several areas - trance dancefloor by Hipnose with me , Pena , Dimitri , Dino , Mahasuca , Sebastian Kruger , Intact Instinct , Tarsis
FREE PARTY IN THE WOODS -2001 - me , Louie (Spin) , Pena (Flow) , Sven (Charasmatx) and friends
MAGMA PARTY - 2001- with Phillip , Emok , Constance Journeys
"A UNIÃO FAZ A DANÇA" - 1998 , with Dino , Cydonia
HIPNOSE @ SERPA CASTLE - 1998 - with Dino , Joti , Psychaos , Semsis , Cydonia , Tim Schuldt , Bim , Detlef
HIPNOSE @ COCONUTS - 1998 - X-Dream , Mike Maguire
MILENIUM STERO LEGS PARTY -2000 - with Pena and Creamcrop dj team
+ Many more small parties in the forest with friends.

CONTACT - diogopsy@yahoo.com


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