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Author: Jeremy Barnes
Date: Aug 5, 2004
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Date: August 5, 2004
Text: Jeremy Barnes

Group: Fragrant Vagrant

Members: Jeremy Barnes, and various participating session musicians.

City: Gothenburg Sweden

Since: 1993

Genre: Psychedelicized Progressive Dawn Trance

Contact / booking:
+46-(0) 709-690896,

Labels: BTM, Phantasm, Tunnel, Euromedia

Gear: PC, EMU Soundcard/Sampler, Event 20/20BAS Surround Monitoring,
Proper Acoustics, Virus KC, Blue Microphone, Mindprint Valve Compressor,
Focusrite Analog Mixmaster + AD/DA, Waves, Nuendo.

Other: Running Eleph Mastering is my favorite side project, email for price.

Other projects: Space Sage (dubby), Jeremy Starseed (psy),
Metrognomes (with Tim Healey/Electric Tease), Reon (Progressive)


V.A - Stella Propella - Psychedelic Activity Vol. 1 Label: Tunnel Records
V.A - Stella Propella RMX - Euromedia Records
V.A - Rezurrector - The Eternal Frequency - Phantasm Records
V.A - Didgeridude & Rainbow Warrior - BOA Sound of Prokult - BTM Records


12\" - Stella Propella - BTM Records



Since 1994, Dj Starseed has played in ten countries on four continents.

Jeremy was born in 1975, one sunny summer in Hollywood, California and was
by John Travolta. He moved to Sweden in 1981, and left 1994, and was to
spend the
next nine years travelling solidly.

Apart from Djing alongside psy-trance fame, such as Juno Reactor\'s Mike
Anti, GMS, Tsuyoshi, Koxbox, Dino Psaras, Etnica\' Max Lanfranconi, Antix,
Vibrasphere, and Olli Wisdom, Jeremy was also influenced by studio
sessions together
with Tim Healey (Quirk, Electric Tease, Allen & Healey etc.), Unconscious
(UK), Bioforce (D), D.I.M.O (BTM, Tatsu), and Shin (Jap), Celli
(Earthling, T.I.P).

Since the turn of the millenium Jeremy has studied sound engineering at
SAE in
Melbourne, Australia, and moved back to Sweden where he is now working on
new material under the guises \"Space Sage\", \"Reon\" and \"Fragrant Vagrant\".

His website is online with a new FV album
available for download, along with extra material, such as the remix he
did for Kingston AirForce, and other collaborations.

He works everyday in his studio which used to be home to Spiral Trax and
popular artists, such as the great Atmos, Noma & S-Range.

His Dj sets build harmonic structures based on musical scales and bpm
data, letting moods and more subtle aspects of music into focus...the
journey is often intriguing, and is meant to move the soul, the true self.

Humour is the key, the heart the door...

Name: Jeremy Reon Barnes
Age: 29, Born June, 1975 (Hollywood, Cal.)
Nationality: Dual, American/Swedish

The Fragrant Vagrant liveset aims to tickle , tease, and thrill, providing
the listener with just enough familiarity to provide comfort, while
combining trance with unexpected styles, like 50\'s Rock \'n\' Roll, and
adding textures from realities in a cinemasonic fashion.



1994- U.S.A

@ First gig, Megatripolis US, SF, California
@ CCC (Consortium of Collective Consciousness) opening night, SF, Cal.
@ LA, and San Diego tour with S.P.A.Z (semi-permanent autonomous zone)

1995- Sweden, India

@ Docklands, w. Mike McGuire, Stockholm, Sweden
@ Packhuset, Gothenburg, Sweden
@ Contact I&II, Gothenburg, Sweden
@ Orebro Outdoor, infamous swedish forest parties, Orebro
@ Swedish Porch Party, Anjuna, Goa, India
@ Pushkar party, Pushkar, India
@ Solar Eclipse,24 sept.-95, Rajasthan, India
@ \"Hilltop\" Christmas Party (11 hour set !), Vagator, Goa, India
@ Shakespeare\'s (Solipse organizer) New-years boat-party, Anjuna, Goa

1996- India, Germany, U.S.A, Amsterdam

@ Shorebar (3-4X), Anjuna, Goa
@ Shakespeare\'s Arambol party, Arambol, Goa
@ Starboom II, Hamburg, Germany
@ Trance Buddha, Amsterdam, NL
@ Star Matrix, SF, Cal, U.S.A
@ Lunarseed, SF, Cal, U.S.A
@ C.C.C Chakra Dance party, SF, Cal, U.S.A
@ Burning Man Festival, Nevada, U.S.A

1997- U.S.A, England, Germany, South Africa

@ Moontribe Fullmoon desert-party, LA, Cal, U.S.A
@ Yosemite National Park, CCC Party, Cal, U.S.A
@ Return to the Source official afterparty, London, UK
@ Fruhlings Ervachen, Essen, Germany
@ Lovefield Festival, Hamburg, Germany
@ Tribal Meditation, Essen, Germany
@ Alien Safari, Umgazane Party, Transkei, South Africa (+2 other)
@ Evosonic, digital radio broadcast, Cologne, Germany
@ Zorba the Buddha, Hamburg, Germany
@ Natraj Temple (2X), Munich, Germany
@ Oxygen Orgasm, Midsummer, Halle, Germany
@ Love Parade After-Party, Berlin, Germany

1998- Germany, Ibiza, Amsterdam

@ Subground, Berlin, Germany
@ Outdoor party, South Germany
@ Oxygen Orgasm, Midsummer, Halle, Germany
@ Switzerland, Rene\'s Outdoor-party near Zug, Zurich
@ Mondmilch Cougheeshop, Switzerland
@ Kumharas Cafe\', resident ambient dj, Ibiza, Spain
@ Rainbow/Trance tipi-gathering, Ibiza, Spain
@ Atlantis 4day beach-party (3 sets =15 Hours), Ibiza, Spain
@ ELF Squat, Amsterdam, NL

1999- Amsterdam

@ ELF Amsterdam, mainfloor and ambient, many times
@ Global Chillage, Coffeeshop
@ Siberie, Coffeeshop
@ ELF New-Year Y2K Bash, Morning

2000- Amsterdam

@ ELF (still) A-Dam, NL
@ Boom records label party, Groeningen, NL
@ Achterburgwal Squat, A-dam, NL
@ Underground Liberation, Internet Broadcast Go
@ Queensday party, Amsterdam, NL

2001- Sweden, Australia

@ Intro, Resident chill/groove dj, Gothenburg, Sweden
@ Sound, Melbourne, Australia
@ Cosmonauts, Northcote, Melbourne
@ TrancePlant, Near Philips Island
@ 1 Dec. Wear where ware Fashion Circus (with clowns and performers as
models in the
water, under the stars). Brunswick Baths, Melbourne.
@ 7 Dec. Shen Ying, Fashion Night, Melbourne. Flinders Lane
@ 8 Dec. Tribe-adelic Outdoor, Lake Eppalok. Melbourne
@ 22Dec. Christmas, Tranquil Knights, Colonial Hotel, Lonsdale
@ New Year\'s Eve, Tranquil Knights, Melbourne.

2003- Nearly becoming Australian...and back to Sweden

@ Psycorroboree Beach Party, Black Rock Beach, Melbourne.
@ 23rd Feb. 2002, Arcadia, Languid Stomp Productions, Melbourne.
@ Mardi Grass 2002, Nimbin, Australia.
@ RRR Fryday Radio (2X)
@ Radio 2SR
@ Seven Nightclub
@ Glow Bar Sunday Sessions Oct.
@ Earthdance 2002 Cairns
Fragrant Vagrant liveset @ Exodus 2003 Jan. Byron Bay
Fragrant Vagrant liveset @ Rainbow Serpent 2003 Jan. Melbourne
Fragrant Vagrant liveset @ Earth Ascending, Glastonbury, England. Day Out
Of Time!
@Skogsfester, sorry, forestparties in Sweden.
@ Flexible Night, Rio Rio, Gothenburg
@ Munchen Brewery, Stockholm
@ Mondo, Stockholm, Sweden
@ Globen Arena, Stockholm

2004- Sweden

Fragrant Vagrant liveset @ Musikens Hus, Gothenburg
Fragrant Vagrant liveset @ A Midsummer Nights Dream, Malmö

Have a Nice Day!



Jeremy Barnes

Ph. +46-709-690896

Storgatan 4 NB
s-411 24 Gothenburg,

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