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10 records that changed his life...

Author: DJ Pena
Date: Jul 4, 2007
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DJ Pena:

10 records that have changed my life...

Sonic Youth- Daydream Nation

This vinyl totally opened my perception towards music, I was into commercial
and metal and hard rock and as soon as I saw the video on a tv show, I bought the record and my life changed afterwards.

Einsturzende Neubauten- Halber Mensch

I was totally into industrial, experimental music for some years and this band was the thing, side by side with Test Dept and FLA, Front 242 and Skinny Puppy in a more electronic way. Saw one E.N. concert 2 years ago and they are still rocking and surprising....

Steve Reich- Early Years

Like an avangarde dude, I researched a lot and entered the American classical minimal school, like philip glass, wim mertens and michael nyman but steve reich had always something I couldn´t explain...this album is worth a listen to see how he manages to deconstruct music...

Hardfloor - Respect

Around 93 till 95 I was into emerging the rave scene and this album totally
blew mind mind, I heard it over and over again...its just amazing hypnotic
acid music..... Respect!

Depeche Mode - Collection

I love Dave´s voice and all their work for years, so, a collection albums a
good way to pay our respect to them

V.A. - Change (Flow cd1)

The compilation that changed my life and made me move from the law world (attorney) to the music world I had always loved.

John Digweed - Los Angeles

Still love this cd, john made a huge selection of progressive music and all flows so good and so deep...

TIP - 3d

Back then...loved plenty of psy, few labels, few artists but almost all rocked and surprised me, labels like dragonfly, tip, flying rhino and transient rocked...

Trentemoller - Last Resort

Nowadays albums like this one and James Holden are telling me that there´s other sorts of psychedelic electronic music, and we always need to be open and research to keep the vibe and music going further...

DJ Pena - Flow Records, Portugal

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