070707 Wedding Party Invitation

Author: omananda
Date: Jun 15, 2007
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GoaGil in Scandinavia with Liquid Crystal Visuals for Omananda's wedding party

Goa Gil has initiated many people across Earth to the mysical vibrations of ancient knowledge, related to Shiva/Parvati . He has the capability not unlike many other dj\'s to play uninterrupted for many hours, a specific type of trance music that is hypnotic and deeply spiritual. Iselin Bruff who is the creator of \"The Freakshow\" will manifest phantastic ritual performance ART for this gallactic gathering. Omananda & Tantric Demon who both created Liquid Crystal Vision are going to VJ together to project amazing visual ART. Deco-Art is done by NOS. Many artists have offered their love and support for this family reunion of the Scandinavian tribe. You are very welcome too celebrate with us this cosmic unity.

Main Floor-Sound starts on Saturday, but the Ambient space will provide a relaxed atmosphere throughout the entire weekend. Doors already open on Friday, the 6th in the afternoon, because the wedding takes place on the 7th, early in the morning. The celebreation goes through Saturday into Sunday and stops on Monday morning. There will be plenty of yummy veggie food and lot\'s of surprises waiting for you.

Because there are only a limited amount of invitations available for this private event, we advise you to secure your invitation as soon as possible. PS: There will be FREE camping throughout the entire weekend, so you can come and connect with nature, beautiful people, and dance yourself FREE.

more iinfo here: www.zeroseven.se

The 070707 team

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