Oliver Moldan - Baby Show Up

Sprout, April 2007

Author: pr0fane
Date: Apr 22, 2007
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Review by:
Jannick Andersen // DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records)

Artist: Oliver Moldan
Title: Baby Show Up
Label: Sprout
Format: 12\"/Digital
Released: April 2007


Oliver Moldan has for several years been one of Germanys many high-profile acts in the progressive and tech house scene, with appearances on key labels like Audio Therapy, Global Underground and Renaissance - both alone, in projects like Prawler (with Peter J├╝rgens/Peter Gun) or collaborating with artists like Jerome Isma-Ae. His latest release is \"Baby Show Up\", the 17th EP from D-Nox\'s well-respected Sprout label, and with a remix by hot Israeli duo Elegant Universe on the flip.

A. Oliver Moldan - Baby Show Up [128 BPM]
The original of \"Baby Show Up\" is a solid little creation - it starts out in a techy/tribal way with a sharp and pounding kick, before introducing some more trendy electro-sounds. It never gets too trendy though, with the slightly oldschool strings giving it a nice summer-vibe, and the breakdown, followed by the huge, quite surprising bassline that will make a huge impact on the floor. Great tune.

B. Oliver Moldan - Baby Show Up (Elegant Universe Remix) [126 BPM]
Elegant Universe consists of the two Israelis Miki Litvak (who many in the psychedelic trance scene might remember for past involvement acts like Domestic and Shidapu) and Amir Ardon, and they are a name to watch out for at the moment, with releases on labels like Vapour, Iboga and Baroques sidelabel Method. Their take on \"Baby Show Up\" is a more big-room oriented mix, with a big, driven bass and techy pads. Also great.

Bottom line:

Big release from Sprout. The original is fat, club-oriented mix of progressive, tech and electro house, and Elegant Universes version is more on the epic side - both are of high quality, and very recommended for especially club-oriented DJ\'s.


1(!!), 2




Oliver Moldan: www.olivermoldan.de
Elegant Universe: www.elegant-universe.com
Sprout: www.sproutmusic.de
Oliver Moldan at Myspace: www.myspace.com/olivermoldan
Elegant Universe at Myspace: www.myspace.com/elegantuni
Sprout at Myspace: www.myspace.com/sproutlabel

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