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Author: Sam
Date: Nov 16, 2006
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s- Alright so this is chaishop music news and I’m happy to talk here with Anders of Andromeda, Chorosome & Soul Surfer from Sweden. Hello Anders how are you?

a- Hi I’m fine and you?

s- I’m also fine. So yeah, lets talk about music a little bit. What I’m intereseted in is actually why did you start to produce music?

a- Oh wow yeah, well I started when I was really young, my mother and father were both into music, my father plays the violin and has been recording a lot of music and a lot of albums and everything here in Sweden and eh also my mother is playing the violin and she taught me so I’ve been making music and writing my own lyrics since I was a small kid. Then was I was like 13 I started playing in stuff like Punk bands, Rock bands, Reggae bands, playing the bass and all that. Then I started making trance music around the year 2000 after I went to a couple of rave parties.

s- And how old were you then?

a- Ehh, maybe1998, that must be 10 years ago, I must have been 18 back then.

s- So but only recently actually your name gets very known in the Trance scene, was there a special moment in your career that helped you to get more exposed and so?

a- I think definitely from when I got the chance to release my album from Millennium Records. I was very eager to release my music and everything and they supported me and they were really good.

s- And this was the remix album?

a- Actually the first 3 albums came out pretty straight after each other, because I’d been doing lot of music like Progressive, a lot of Full-on music and then I put all my tracks together on 3 albums which only came out in 6 month intervals I think. So that was my big kick off.

s- Alright so, it was a big launch of all your music that you have prepared for years before.

A- From nothing to everything suddenly, it all went very fast, it was only like 2, 3 years ago I guess.

s- So this is how you work, you prepare everything to make it really perfect and then ‘pow’, you launch it and not before?

a- Yeah, something like that. It’s like I get everything prepared, the whole idea. For me it probably takes around one year to make and album, but I usually have different projects going around at the same time, you know, and I like to do the whole concept first, like the whole cover and everything, the theme of the music ye know.

s- Ok, and talking about your different projects, you have these 3 names, Andromeda, Chromosome and Soul Surfer. Can you give us some help to differentiate those?

a- Eh, I think in the beginning there wasn’t so much big difference from them all, in the beginning all the music sounded pretty much the same. They were very much alike each others tracks, but now I have categorised them into 3 different ones. So Chromosome is the Full-on one, and Full-on only. And Andromeda is more clubby and this progressive stuff, similar to Ticon, similar to Swedish progressive music I guess. And then the Soul Surfer now is Chill-out. I’m actually finishing a Soul Surfer album now, next month and it’s a new acoustic Chill-out album.

s- Alright nice. On what label is that going to come out?

a- Going to be on Millennium Records

s- On Millennium again, alright. And also you are cooperating with some people at Andromeda and I think also at Soul Surfer.

a- Yeah, Andromeda is together with my Greek sidekick Nikos Kostoglou and he was not producing music before I met him, but he was a DJ before that so he knew about the Trance music and the Trance scene and everything, had the sound in his head and everything, but couldn’t put it out yeah, so I was kinda of a producer and he was the idea trigger. And also Soul Surfer is together with Maria Tholson and shes been playing a lot of instruments, we’ve been playing a lot of guitars and stuff on this album, a lot of acoustic guitars, Spanish ones.

s- Alright, ok, cool, so you cooperate also with other artists, besides of the ones who are into your projects.

a- Mm hmm, I have been making music with Estrange now for a while, we have been doing an album, we’ve finished about 8 tracks and need 2 more and we’ve already found a name and everything, it’s called ‘The Link’.

s- ‘The Link’, ok, the Swedish Link then.

a- Mm hmm, so we’re gonna see how it’s gonna work out and what label we’re going to put it out on yet. We’ve had a couple of offers, but haven’t decided on anything yet. It’s very funky disco Full-on music.

s- Ok, this sounds interesting, this album with Estrange, I didn’t know of that. So that will be a new project then, that will be your fourth project.

a- Well we don’t know, we said we were going to start with an album and see who wants to make this kind of disco CD. A little bit retro style, but with new fresh production.

s- Ok, any other cooperations.

a- Sure, I have been doing music with Marsha, more progressive music and with Rumblepack, a Swiss guy who is making really nice Full-on music and they also make some nice progressive ones. And I’m working also with Ibojima, the Swedish guy and the new youngster on the block from Sweden. He is also releasing an album now on Millennium Records this month actually.

s- Oh right.

a- So it’s really cool Swedish morning, sweet trance music.

s- Cool. And maybe also some words about your live act. Any special ideas that you’re having, especially about the Andromeda live act and so.

A- The Andromeda live act has gotten really a lot of attention lately, because of the robot suits that we use.

s- What robot suits?

a- Yeah, it’s from Animasuits, a British company and they produce animation suits for action movies and for cartoons and everything and we wanted this but to control the music you know. We kind of developed it together with them. We got the first prototype from them and we tried it out for them and put some ideas to them about how to improve it and everything. And it’s really funny as you can control basically any sequencer with it, you can control any parameters in any sequencer. It’s really funny, because you can make music by dancing.

s- Wow.

a- When I’m dancing on the dance floor I can almost play the melodies with my hands right. I close my eyes and I’m dancing and everything and I know where the melodies going to come and everything, but now I can actually do it you know with this suit, it’s really funny. Playing sounds by dancing.

s- So this is connected via a cable or…

a- Mm hmm, through midi.

s- Ah right, you should use it wireless and then go on the dance floor.

a- They actually have invented this now, they sorted it out for us so we’re going to get it soon, the wireless one. We don’t know how far we’re going to go with this, you can control anything with it, also projections you know.

s- Yeah, lights and projections. Any other future plans that you are thinking of and that you want to talk about?

a- Errrr, a lot of stuff is going on, I think the most interesting now is the new Soul Surfer album (10:00). It’s also going to be a double CD. It’s going to be the Soul Surfer Chill-out on the first one and on the second one it’s going to be remixes by other artists. So we have been asking round a lot of artists if they can do it, it’s going to be really exciting, a lot of people have said yes, but we’re going to hold the information until further notice.

s- Ok, cool, that sounds great. Ok anything else you want to talk to the public?

a- Ahh, not really, I’m all done.

s- So super, yeah then, Anders thank you very much for the interview. And good luck with your projects and well after the show we’re actually going to hear a live set of you that you played, I think it was at Tranceformation festival in Brazil.

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