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National Geographic for Psychedelic World

Author: Juggler
Date: Nov 13, 2006
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\"Goagadar Magazine is psychedelic culture. It pursues the spirit and tries to express it. « Gadar », from Hindu, means reborn, and is all about that… Reborn the initial spirit is the dream that we want to reach and from which we don’t pretend to abdicate.\"

And so GoaGadar Magazine presents itself; a magazine in English that is totally dedicated to the psychedelic culture. With an excellent quality of print and the perfect format it is a great pleasure for the reader. Throughout its 56 pages the magazine offers reports on festivals, album reviews, interviews and articles on the psychedelic culture and its music. A magazine filled with good vibes that feels to be written by team in love with the psychedelic world and its family.

On this latest edition:

. Review Union Festival (PT), Rhythms of Peace (Morroco) and Arcadia Festival (France);

. Photo report: The sons of the freaks;

. Articles: Maha Kumbha Mela; Expedisound Mongolia; The \"Rebirth\" of Roland TB 303; Trance Party…

. Interviews: Goa Gil, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Trance Karma, Chaishop...

. Art and much more...

Each edition comes with a free CD! This issue brings you an VA compilation from Avatar Records.

You can check out all the infos about this edition on the magazine’s official website: www.goagadarmagazine.com

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